Jack Carwardine moves up to the reserves squad


Jack Carwardine moves up to the Freestyle Now reserves squad. Jack Carwardine joined the Freestyle Now recruits back in December 2015. Back then we saw that he was a progressive rider that had what it takes to maybe one day join the Freestyle Now full squadron. After 18 months as a recruit squad member, Jack Carwardine has he had now been moved up to the reserves. His progression in his riding has been constant and with more time it can only keep getting better. Please check out his profile on the reserves squad page for more information on who Jack Carwardine is. Congratulations Jack, keep rolling out the rad.

Jack Carwardine at the Bassendean skatepark competition back in February 2017 with a awesome indian air seat grab, stoked to have him move up to the reserves.

Jack has some great turndowns and this one is a fine example during the Corymbia festival bmx stunt show recently.