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Freestyle Now skatepark etiquette presentation – video


Shaun Jarvis gives a discussion at the Fremantle skatepark on skatepark etiquette as part of the skatepark coaching workshops. This is some great information to new young skatepark users and especially parents. Young skatepark users don’t retain information well and it’s important for parents to help educate their young ones on the do and don’ts at a skatepark to give all users a great experience at the skatepark. This discussion took place at one of the recent Fremantle scooter sessions and covers skatepark etiquette (what to do and not to do at a skatepark), foot placement on a scooter, scooter design differences, quick maintenance and helmet safety. Please give it a watch and educate yourself in skatepark etiquette so that all users at the skatepark will have a rad experience.

Give the below video a watch to help understand the difference between a certified and non certified helmet as to what Shaun was talking about in the skatepark etiquette presentation video


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South Hedland skatepark saw round 7 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series take place. South Hedland skatepark is massive and one of the biggest in Western Australia. The scene in South Hedland is a strong one with a real great strong group of skatepark users all progressing well. It is good to see the progress over the last few years of some of the young shredders. On this trip to South Hedland squad members Shaun Jarvis, Mitch Harris and Kieran Ramsay flew there to host some skatepark coaching workshops as well as the skatepark competition. The scene there is small but rad and the skatepark coaching workshops really help to build the skills of the participants. When Freestyle Now hosts a skatepark competition there are three classes for competitors to enter, beginners (younger and still learning), intermediates (competitors with some good skills) and the open class (consistent and dials tricks) in the three disciplines scooter, skateboard and bmx. There is also a girl’s class to help encourage more girls to enter. We would like to thank the Town of Port Hedland and our supporters, Colony bmxSacrifice scooters4 skateboard Co . Round 9 of the 2017 series takes place at the Rockingham skatepark on the 13th of May. Be sure to check our coming events page for all the latest information.

Clockwise from top left – Cody Broome has been progressing well over the past few years and it is good to see him still shredding 2nd in open scooters – Tory Burns is a machine, he is what we call a tri rider, smashing the rad on all 3, bmx, skateboard and scooter. Here is a tuck no hander on his bmx – Kane McPhee took out 1st in scooter intermediate and it’s great to see him back at it – Brock Viliamu was on holidays from N.S.W. and was over whelmed with his prizes from his fist place in intermediate skateboard. More photos can be found on the facebook page here.

South Hedland skatepark competition – 8th April 2017 – Round 7 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Jamal Doyal, 2nd Jasiah Dann, 3rd Mahlyk Collins, 4th Cimmaron Smirke, 5th Toben Smirke, 6th Isaiah Park, 7th Latrell Walters, 8th Leo Drage, 9th Robert Drage.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kane McPhee, 2nd Malach Ching, 3rd Alan Borell.

Scooter open – 1st Tory Burns, 2nd Cody Broome

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Brock Viliamu, 2nd Tory Burns.

BMX open – 1st Tory Burns.



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Freestyle Now North West skatepark coaching sessions tour


The Freestyle Now North West skatepark coaching sessions tour was five days of good times and great skatepark coaching sessions. In February Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Ben Thomas and Mitch Harris fly into Paraburdoo and got ready for the 4 hour drive to Onslow. Onslow had just had a fantastic new skatepark built and their opening day celebrations taking place and what better way to help celebrate than by having some skatepark coaching workshop sessions taking place.

Freestyle Now - shaun jarvis bmx onslow skatepark feb 2017

Shaun Jarvis gets all tucked in as the storm passes Onslow.

Thursday afternoon was the first low key session with the official opening taking place on the Friday. During this session Freestyle Now hoisted a few mini competitions and fun activities and gave out some rad prizes. On the Saturday it was a long 5 hour drive inland to Tom Price to host another skatepark coaching workshop session. Again some mini competitions and fun activities took place and the participants at the skatepark all had a great time. On the Sunday Shaun, Ben and Mitch managed to do a bit of sightseeing to Karijini National Park before heading back to Paraburdoo to host another skatepark coaching workshop session. The north west can be forever changing and on this day the weather decided to change rapidly with a sudden downpour of rain and strong winds. It lasted for about 20 minutes but long enough to soak the skatepark, though it did dry out just as the session was ending. On the Monday the squad headed back to Perth for some relaxation time and to escape the heat. Till next time a big thank you to the Shire of Ashburton and to all the skatepark users that got to interact with Shaun, Ben and Mitch. Check the video below of the trip to know what took place and how the radness was rolled out.


Freestyle Now - north west australia trip feb 2017

Top – Mitch Harris carving the wall at Paraburdoo as well as relaxing at Karijini
Bottom – Lack of animals


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Freestyle Now turns 30 years old


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986.

It’s hard to believe but Freestyle Now started way back in December of 1986. Now 30 years later it has grown from 3 young guys just wanting to promote BMX freestyle with BMX stunt shows to an Australian wide entity. Freestyle Now specialises in entertaining stunt show performances, skatepark coaching workshops, well managed skatepark competitions and motivational school presentations all while making sure inclusiveness and diversity is at the forefront of our ethos. By applying the same philosophy that free sports teach us, to our business ethics, we have persevered to achieve our goal of running well-managed events and entertaining performances. We have accomplished this all while promoting the fun aspects of BMX, skateboarding and scooter riding and associated activities. This has, and will always be our main focus.

freemantle speed classic 3rd march 1987

The original Freestyle Now squad members L to R Shaun Jarvis, Brad Dyer and Georg Molnar taken at the Fremantle Speed Classic in March 1987

Freestyle Now began as an idea in mid 1986 by three friends Georg Molnar, Brad Dyer and Shaun Jarvis. 1986 was a year of new things for these three friends. A new sport was emerging, BMX freestyle. This is what brought these three guys together. In Perth Western Australia where they lived the small BMX freestyle community was tight. There were only a handful of riders and Georg, Brad and Shaun were in the core of it. Shaun started in the BMX racing scene in 1981 and raced in Western Australia until the new emerging freestyle sport took hold of his senses in early 1986. Within a few months, he took a spot on the newly formed Redline BMX trick team which was put together by Padbury cycles bike shop. It was through this shop that word got around about other riders, this is how Brad, Georg and Shaun met each other. The very first show that the Redline trick team did was at Whiteman Park for its grand opening in August 1986. Although this team did a few shows they only lasted a short time and in the later part of 1986 Shaun left. It was upon this leaving that the three friends got together to form their own BMX freestyle team, Freestyle Now.

Where did the name come from? A very popular magazine from America was called “Freestylin”. Freestyle is what the riders did, it’s what they called it. Now is an action word as in do it “now”. So Freestyle Now was the name that Brad, Georg and Shaun settled on as it seemed fitting.

In 1986 the only form of information available in the BMX world was through magazines. There was no internet to gain instant information from. Only the magazines had the information and this was sometimes up to 6 months old by the time it would reach Perth from either America or England. BMX freestyle teams were all over these magazines, from the large factory teams to the little group of friends that started something. It was this that inspired the formation of Freestyle Now.

The sole purpose of Freestyle Now when it was formed was to promote to the masses the newly emerging sport of BMX freestyle. This was done via BMX stunt shows. December 1986 was when Freestyle Now did their first ever show at the Mullaloo primary school which was followed a few weeks later by a performance at a Christmas dance event in Girrawheen It was the start of something that no one could ever imagine would survive still all these years later.

The second show Freestyle Now did was at the Girrawheen Christmas dance

With the first show done new locations were sought for more stunt shows. For Georg, Brad and Shaun it was all about the promotion of BMX freestyle. Another medium that was also emerging out of America was the “Zine”. A small photocopied magazine that was produced by various people. It was another platform to promote BMX freestyle. So the three guys brought a second hand photocopier and started making the “Freestyle Now zine. These were produced using photos and a cut and glue method. They were put into bike shops and given to other riders. It was a very D.I.Y mentality. With no prior experience it was just hands on and make it work, a true Freestyle Now philosophy.

Another good friend of the trio Todd Triebler, who had also been on the same BMX freestyle shop team as Shaun in early 86 was recruited to announce the stunt shows and as a backup rider. These guys were tight, inseparable, spending every moment they could riding together, learning new tricks and exploring Perth.

The BMX freestyle scene was growing steadily in Perth and the need for regular gatherings was required so Freestyle Now went ahead and held its first competition in January 1988. Riders came from all over to attend. The only way to spread the news was through word of mouth and the Freestyle Now Zine. The competition was a success, so more were organised. Over the next few years, many competitions were held.

The whole ethos of promoting the new sport of BMX freestyle was complete, BMX stunt shows, BMX zines and BMX freestyle competitions.

In time Georg Molnar started to move on from BMX and left the Freestyle Now team and Brad Dyer returned to America. Shaun and Todd recruited new riders into Freestyle Now and kept on performing the BMX stunt shows.


Todd Triebler on the left and Shaun Jarvis on the right at the Bruce Rock show in 1989 performing double no handed cherrypickers.

When the 90’s rolled around a major shift took place in the sport of BMX freestyle. It was as if overnight every rider had quit and stopped riding. There was still a core group of BMX freestylers but the need for competitions had passed. With Brad now in America, the drive to produce the Freestyle Now Zine was in a standby mode. The promotion of the sport had shifted to just the stunt shows.

Over the coming years, Todd and the other riders moved on from BMX and their association with Freestyle Now. This left Shaun Jarvis at the helm steering Freestyle Now into the future. When there were no riders to perform at the stunt shows Shaun just went out and did solo shows. The need to carry on the promotion of the freestyle sport was what drove Shaun to keep going. After 30 years you can check out a list of all of our past stunt shows on our past stunt show page here.

In late 1996 the sport of BMX freestyle seemed to be coming back, new riders were emerging. One of these riders was a young Jason Parker. Jason had heard about the Freestyle Now stunt shows through friends in the south-west area of Western Australia where he lived. When Jason moved to Perth in 1998 he managed to track down Shaun through an advertisement in a national BMX publication for BMX products that Freestyle Now was then distributing. The two guys started riding together. It did not take long for Shaun to recognise Jason’s riding potential, and he was asked to join Freestyle Now in 2000. In an ironic twist, when the two riders met for the first time Shaun showed Jason some BMX photographs, one of the photos was of Shaun at the very first BMX show that he did with the Redline BMX trick team, the one at Whiteman Park in mid 1986. Jason was surprised to see the photo because as a very young 6 year old Jason Parker was in the crowd that day and saw the show. The two new friends could not believe it, Jason remembered the whole show, how a tram came in through the middle of the show location and stopped the show leaving some riders on the top of the ramp. Even to this day, the two riders can’t believe how ironic it was. Jason is still riding and involved with Freestyle Now today and apart from Shaun is the longest serving squad member.


Jason Parker joined the Freestyle Now squad at the start of 2000. This was Jason’s second show at the Toodyay Moondyne Festival in May 2000. His first show was at the Denmark Country Fair in February 2000

Over time more BMX shows were performed and new riders were recruited into the squad. But now with the growing popularity of BMX, the need for competitions became prominent once again.

In the early 80’s Co-founder Shaun Jarvis helped organise BMX races on the local BMX dirt jumping/BMX track that the youth of the town of Quinns Rock had built. Organising BMX competitions was nothing new as he had done it before as a BMX racer and then as a BMX freestyler. The need for well managed events was something that was required to help with the growth of the BMX scene. Some of the first competitions that Freestyle Now organised were dirt jumping competitions in the late 90’s. These morphed into BMX skatepark competitions for local government and community organisations and were very successful. Freestyle Now was then asked to manage skateboard competitions as well as BMX and then with the rise of the scooter scene the whole skatepark culture was catered for in competition management. All of our past competitions can be found on our past competition page here

In 2001 community T.V. was starting to emerge in Perth via channel 31. There was a show being air called “Cruzin” a show about Perth hot rods and the car street scene. Shaun was watching this show and realised that a show about BMX could be done. Shaun called up Jason and said “do you want to do a television show on community television”. Jason said “sure why not!” and with no prior computer experience or video editing experience “Behind the Bars” was started. The show was a nine part show with each show airing every 4 weeks. It was a major undertaking at first. In the same way, the Freestyle Now zine was done with a D.I.Y. mentality so was Behind the Bars. Learning as the show progressed was the format. It was just hands on and make it work, a true Freestyle Now philosophy.

This is the first episode of Behind the Bars which aired on Perth community television in 2001. All the episodes can be found on the Behind the Bars media page here

With BMX, scooters and skateboards being a great youth involvement activity it was not long until Freestyle Now started its motivational school presentations. These school presentations were to help keep the youth motivated to pursue their dreams and goals. Using the medium of BMX, scooters and skateboards as a way of delivering this motivational message, with self discipline and consistency you can reach your achievement. Tricks done on BMX, scooters and skateboards are a great example of this

To help grow the competitions and to also help new riders Freestyle Now started to host skatepark coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to help younger participants or those needing to progress their skills.

With show performances, competitions, coaching, publications and promotions, Freestyle Now is advancing into the future with positivity paramount. The past was great but the future holds larger aspirations. Freestyle Now continues to grow by using our fundamental ethos of courtesy, respect, inclusiveness and diversity within our cultural industry. Please always remember to Freestyle now……….. before it’s too late…………….

Over the 30 years Freestyle Now has progressed so much. This is one of our stunt shows from January 2015

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Freestyle Now – Tom Price skatepark coaching workshop


Freestyle Now recently headed to Tom Price for the Nameless festival to host a skatepark coaching workshop session. Freestyle Now squad members Ben Thomas, Mitch Harris and Jarrod Murfit did an amazing job helping the workshop participants learn new skills and skatepark etiquette. The participants also got to be involved in some skatepark games and mini competitions to win prizes. Ben, Mitch and Jarrod, also dropped into the Paraburdoo skatepark for a quick roll before flying back to Perth. Freestyle Now hosts many skatepark coaching workshop at many various skateparks, be sure to check our coming events page to see where the next one is you can attend. The below video was put together by Jarrod Murfit. Give it a watch to see the squad rolling out the rad.

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Freestyle BMX tricks – The book


freestyle_bmxCVR.inddSome time ago Freestyle Now co-founder and full time squad member Shaun Jarvis was approached to help write a book on bmx freestyle tricks. The chance to help out with such a project does not happen all the time so Shaun jumped at the chance. The main reason that Shaun wanted to help out with the book was to use it as another medium to promote the sport of bmx freestyle. When Shaun and co founders Brad Dyer and Georg Molnar started Freestyle Now it was to promote the sport of bmx freestyle, this has always been the main objective and with the book it was just another medium that could be used to do this. Freestyle Now has some copies of the book which you can buy through Freestyle Now via EBay.

Freestyle BMX tricks the book is divided into two styles, flatland and air. Flatland is for flatland tricks and the air tricks relate to anything done on a ramp or skatepark. The book is targeted at beginners riders who want to increase their skill level. The book takes readers through 39 tricks step by step and reveals the secrets to every trick’s success, providing insider’s tips and techniques and common problems. Shaun Jarvis also adds in his trick tips which will help to learn the tricks quickly and easily.

Bmx freestyle has been around in a semi official capacity since the very early 1980’s. People were doing tricks on bikes well before then but the official wording bmx freestyle did not start till then and people and riders started to see this form of bmx riding as a new form or something that was worthy of input. The tricks that were being done back then were of the basic form and backflips were not even contemplated let alone a tailwhip. Progression is what drove the sport, riders wanted to progress and one up the next rider, what more could be done. The tricks in bmx freestyle are endless. Even now over 30 years later the progression is still what drives the tricks.

Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis has been riding bmx since 1981 and witnessed the growth of the sport in Australia and around the world. From its infancy to now although the tricks have progressed the fundamental ethos of riding is still the same, ride bmx, do tricks, have fun.

Freestyle BMX Tricks FINAL.indd

The freestyle bmx tricks book is an instructional book that will help the beginner or novice learn basic to advanced bmx tricks on ramps and flatland. It is not really target at the expert level rider. The format is simple to understand with tricks broken down into three basic steps.

Freestyle BMX Tricks FINAL.indd
Although the book has been published around the world Shaun did not take any monetary return for helping put the book together, his payment was “If the book can get people stoked on riding and more people into the sport then that’s enough payment for me” This statement has had some impact as Freestyle Now received an email from Steve S in Glendale Heights in Illinois America, and he was stoked on the book and the content.

Hi Freestyle Now,
I recently grabbed a copy of the BMX freestyle tricks book on Amazon, and I wanted to write and say thanks for it, and for your website. I’m a 38 year old want-to-be flatland rider from the US and find your book very helpful. I rode a little in the 80s and am trying to get back into it. With the help of your book, I managed to bunnyhop a rolled up t-shirt yesterday after only a few attempts. I know it doesn’t sound like much, or very impressive, but it has inspired me to keep trying and not feel as self conscious about being an old guy on a kids bike. haha. I was wondering how tall Shaun is as I am 6’3″ and had written myself off as being “too tall” to learn flat, but Shaun looks like a taller guy, so maybe there is hope for me yet. Anyway, thanks again for putting out the book and website. It has helped remind me about what having fun on a bike is all about. Take Care.

Steve S.
Glendale Heights,

Upon showing Shaun this email he was super psyched, with a large smile on his face, he knew that even if only one person was stoked on his input into the book then that was what he set out to accomplish.
Freestyle Now has some copies of the book which can be brought via EBay for $30(AUS)(inc postage)
If you are keen to pick up a copy please send us a contact or go via the Ebay site .

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Freestyle Now – South Hedland skatepark opening day


Nestled in the heart of the north west of Australia is Port Hedland. It is the second largest town in the Pilbara region with a population of approximately 14,000, including the satellite town of South Hedland situated 18 km away. Iron ore is the main export from Port Hedland and has the highest tonnage of any port in Australia.
South Hedland is undergoing some town redevelopments and the current skatepark was listed to go so a new skatepark was to be constructed. This skatepark was going to dwarf the current South Hedland skatepark and without a doubt the new skatepark is massive. South Hedland has now got one of Australia’s biggest skateparks. Freestyle Now attended the opening celebration day to help the Town of Port Hedland do the official opening as well as engage with the skatepark participants with some skatepark coaching workshops. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli were joined by guest rider Ben Thomas to roll out the radness that Freestyle Now delivers at many locations around Australia. The 4 day visit was great with Freestyle Now engaging with many skatepark users during the coaching workshop sessions. During their stay Shaun, David and Ben visited the skatepark in Port Hedland as well as getting a radio interview on local radio 101.3fm.
Freestyle Now will be returning to Port Hedland to host another series of coaching workshops on the 13th and 14th of August and host Round 12 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series on the 15th of August all at the new South Hedland skatepark. Let the radness roll.

Freestyle Now Port Hedland David Pinelli March 2015

David Pinelli likes to ride bmx no matter what the terrain even large pipe like sculptures that are really hard to ride, rad table top

Shaun, David and Ben got to get some filming done while in Port Hedland and threw together a few clips from the Port Hedland skatepark as well as the new South Hedland skatepark.

Freestyle Now Port Hedland skatepark bmx March 2015

Clockwise from top left – Freestyle Now boss man Shaun Jarvis was loving this hip in the large combi bowl – David Pinelli fence riding – Another angle of David Pinelli throwing a table top on the pipe sculpture, this is a very hard thing to ride as you can see the bumps in the sculpture – David Pinelli large tuck no hander on the hip in the large bowl

This is some raw footage from the opening day celebrations filmed by Shaun Jarvis on his phone

During their stay Shaun, David and Ben visited local radio 101.3fm for a bit of an interview on all things radness

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Freestyle Now skatepark coaching workshop sessions in Karratha


In early November Freestyle Now hosted a series of skatepark coaching workshops sessions and a skatepark competition in and around Karratha, in the northwest of Western Australia. Freestyle Now squad members Kim Bloodson, Mitch Harris and John Manning we in charge of bringing the radness to the locals of Roebourne, Wickham, Dampier, Nickol West and Karratha. It was an awesome trip from all accounts with the 3 squad members really getting in with the locals, interacting with them and assisting them with some great skill sets. We got Kim, Mitch and John to sending a few words about their experience from Karratha.

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 - Kim Bloodson

Kim Bloodson overlooking the town he grew up in and pointing to where he wrestled his last shark.

Kim Bloodson
As I stepped off the plane in Karatha I instantly regretted only owning black clothes, you have to physically push through the wall off heat to get to the terminal, I’m sure we are all going to melt to death. Me Mitch and John are greeted by a lovely lady asking if we are the freestyle guys and we are all like “aaawww yyeeaaahhh” high fives n cool handshakes n stuff. We start doing backflips n flairs n junk in the terminal, you know just being rad guys. We are given a rental car and head into the inferno to find the hotel. I get a private room cause I’m the most freestyle while John n Mitch begin the fight for wifi in their shared room, suckers. First job on this trip is Roebourne. Its new park is the mostest epic goodness I’ve seen in a long time. The locals are super keen to ride our stuff as they have none of their own, so we have a lovely afternoon of hangs and laughs with some pretty wild kids, man it was the best. Driving the 30km back to Karatha we are greeted with a breath taking sunset, it’s so moving we put on a Celine Dion CD and cry like little woman at the majesty of the Pilbara. Dinner at the tavern, yes please, found fifty bucks, good night. Day 2 begins. It’s Wickham today and its only 1000000 degrees so it should be a casual one. Wickham only has a small park but it’s got huge attitude, or raditude. The kids there are amazing cool crew and many tricky tricks where learnt by the whipper snappers, cool tunes and a feast for the masses to boot. Lovely drive home past the prison and back to the air con hotel. Day 3 is at the new Karatha park in town. It’s a nibble fest of goodness and fun fun, the lovely youth workers cook more food for the humans and we just be like the coolest guys around ever, cool handshakes n stuff, so cool. I grew up {hahahaha} in this town so it’s amazing for me to be back here doing what I did here 20 years ago. I’m constantly asking locals about old spots and long lost ramps but they look at me like I’m speaking another language??Generation gap? Day 4 is Dampier. We head out early and scope out the town, it’s so beautiful. We play the Celine Dion CD again and just cry heaps. We then proceeded to do the most manly thing one can do in the Pilbara apart from kicking a football at a V8,,,,WE OPEN OUR FIRST COCNUT. High fives and backflips happen. Dampier park is my most fav, cass vibes on the cuteset little PA and met some awesome crew, best crew up there, so nice seeing these isolated guys skating so hard. Day 5 is comp day in Karatha Nickol West skatepark, huge turnout in the most hotness since hotness was a thing. We melt and yell and laugh and eat and hang and make new friends all day to a banging soundtrack supplied by a DJ. Really was an amazing comp. So with that our trip is at an end but not before we spend the night dancing at the local night club, ouch, good times. I hope I get the chance to do this again next year cause I felt like we really did a good thing up there. I would like to thank Sophie for looking after us so well and all the other old and new friends for being rad….
PS no Celine Dion was actually played on this trip but we did buy a Nelly CD….It’s getting hot in here so Freestyle Now…………. before it’s too late…..bbyyeee blood.xox

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 - John Manning and Mitch Harris

John Manning and Mitch Harris with red dog on the way into Dampier.

John Manning
The recent Karatha trip was a really good time, despite the heat, checking out the five parks that we held coaching workshop sessions at during the week was my favourite part of the trip. Roebourne park in particular was a really fun park and had some really interesting features to it. I’d love to go back to that park one day to get a proper ride of it. The kids that participated in the coaching sessions and the comp were all nice kids and fairly well behaved. Overall it was a fun time and all the events we held went smoothly. Thanks to Freestyle Now for the trip!

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 A

Clockwise from top left – Bloodson making the Wickham locals stoked – Mitch and a local at Wickham getting some skate skills on – Sun set at Karratha skatepark while J-Love in the white shirt looks on – John helping a Dampier local with some scooter skills.

Mitch Harris
The opportunity to travel to the Pilbara to run coaching workshop sessions and a competition was recently presented to Freestyle Now by the City of Karratha. Bloodson, John and I found ourselves lucky enough to be flying north to run these events. The blast of heat and humidity received while getting off the air-conditioned cabin of the plane was a unique welcome to apart of Australia I’d never had the chance to see before.
After checking in to our accommodation J-Love (John) and I were given a VIP tour of Karratha by Blood, who had grown up here and was interested to see how things had changed and capture some feelings of nostalgia. Highlights of the tour included guided views of roofing of some of Karratha’s commercial and residential properties accompanied by Blood’s catchphrase/future pick-up line: “I did the roof on that”. Blood also pointed out some spots that he used to ride and skate back in the day, “make do with what you have” perfectly labels the curbs, sets and sketchy drains that were around.
Coaching clinics started with Roebourne, definitely one of the most well-constructed and designed parks seen while up there. The heat didn’t seem to deter anyone from having a shot on John’s bike and scooter or my board. Wickham was next and with weather to match the day before it was again surprising to me how enthusiastic most kids were to be out in the unforgiving sun. Savior came in the form of a youth worker whose generous gift of icy-poles provided a cool respite.
Coaching at the Shed was a nice break-up of the week, with a later start time in the cooler part of the day and evening everybody was a lot more energetic and willing to commit. Free sausage sizzle was rad too (too bad for Bloodson who is a vegan). Coaching clinics finished in Dampier which was an excellent place to hang out beforehand. Coconuts, palms and beaches with a cool breeze made me question whether I was really working. With cheap frozen cokes, a decent skatepark, and scenic views this place seemed like paradise. There was a really good turn-out for skaters in Dampier with a good range of skill and age, excellent to see a decent scene in such a remote place.
The trip ended with the competition at Nickol West. In what seemed like weather conditions reserved for the ninth circle of Hell we helped set up and got under way. Free stuff will make a person do crazy things, evidenced by the amount of kids who showed up to ride and skate in the heat. The free water was essential as you seemed to sweat your body weight whether you were moving or not, regardless the day was successful with everybody receiving a prize for their efforts and minimal injuries (except for that guy who burnt himself on his friend’s home-made moped/death-trap, but that had nothing to do with the comp).
In summary, a fantastic trip that all three of us agreed we’d love to do again. Hopefully see you next year Karratha.

Freestyle Now Karratha skatapark coaching workshops 2014 B

Clockwise from top left – John looking over some of the Dampier skatepark – Mitch helping a Dampier local with some ledge skills – The crew, Kim, John and Mitch at the Nickol West comp – Sun set at Dampier skatepark.

 To see more photos from the trip check out face book page here.

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 3


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis had a busy month of May. With a trip in Canberra and Melbourne earlier in the month then a trip from Brisbane out to Cunnamulla the end of May had Shaun travelling to Exmouth with squad members David Pinelli and Hudson Goodchild to host a skatepark coaching session for the locals. Shaun sent through his travel video from the Exmouth trip along with a few words.

“May was a super busy month for me, so much travel, I’m so stoked to get to do this as a job. The Exmouth trip was great. We went there to host a coaching session, the local there were super rad with them all showing rad skills. The locals told us about a spot out at the marina with a bank that we should check out. It was a rad spot which we rode for nearly 2 hours. Dave and I got to ride on the beach which is always fun, I mean who rides bmx on a beach… we all got some clips at the skatepark and I made another travel video. Looking forward to my next adventure, stay rad” 

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 2


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis is having a busy month of May. From heading to Canberra and Melbourne earlier in the month he has just got back from a trip to Brisbane and a long long drive out to Cunnamulla to host a coaching session session for the locals. This weekend Shaun along with squad members Hudson Goodchild and David Pinelli head to Exmouth to get rad with the locals and host another skatepark coaching session. Shaun sent in a few words about his Queensland trip and had put together another travel video.

“The trip out to Cunnamulla was one of the most fun and hectic trips I’ve ever been on. Hectic was the order of the weekend. With an 840kms drive out to Cunnamulla we had planned to set off early, haha plans what are they!!! Along for this trip was Brisbane locals Bradley Spann, Manuel Kovacs and Alex Haim. At 4am I got a phone call from Manuel saying he has a flat in his car and can I pick him up…. So much for leaving Brisbane at 5:30am. After picking up Alex 2 hours late we roll out at 7:30am. The drive was long and we got in to Cunnamulla at 7:30pm just in time to get dinner at the pub before it closed. The coaching session at the Cunnamulla skatepark was one of the raddest, with the youth there so receptive. It was a long day. Sunday morning came around and with not much sleep thanks to the other guests in the hotel we departed back to Brisbane. So about 30kms out of town we get a flat. Some travelers stopped to make sure we were all good, we were, and as they drove off they said have a good day, Brad replied “thanks it can’t get any worse”… wrong. After driving for just over an hour we realized we were not heading east but travelling north. North to Charleville, 200kms north. We did have a rad session at the skatepark though so it was kinda worth it. Arriving back in risbane and dropping off the other guys I got to my hotel at 1am, so Sunday was a long day. Coming back to Perth my flight was delayed so I got an earlier flight, via Sydney, which resulted in a mad rush to get my bike packed. Getting on the plane with only minutes to spare full of sweat form the mad rush.The trip its self was so much fun and Brad, Manuel and Alex were so much fun to hang with and they did such a rad job at the skatepark coaching sessions.  I made another trip video, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the weekend. Stay rad”.

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