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Freestyle Now squad members – DownUnderGround video contest


BMX flatland in Australia is rather small compared to all the other disciplines of bmx riding. BMX flatland Australia hosts a competition series called DownUnderGround which is now into series 9. In the series there are 3 contests, 2 physical rounds and one video round. This year the video round was the first round of the series with round 2 taking place on the 10th of June at the Bridport Aerodrome in Tasmania. Round 3 is scheduled for Melbourne on the 25th of November.

BMX flatland is where a rider only uses their bike and body to perform stunts or tricks without any other obstacle to assist with their stunts or tricks, like ramp riding

Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Paul Chamberlain and Lee Kirkman all submitted a video entry into round 1 of DownUnderGround. Its with great pleasure to know that our squad members placed well in the contest. Paul placed 2nd in the open class with Lee taking 3rd in the open class and Shaun taking out the 3rd place in the expert class. Check the below videos to see the radness.

Paul Chamberlain took out the 2nd place in open class

Lee Kirkman took out the 3rd place in the open class

Shaun Jarvis took out the 3rd place in the expert class

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Freestyle Now school assembly – Bruce Rock school


Recently Freestyle Now travelled out to Bruce Rock for a school assembly to give a motivational presentation to the students. Squad members Shaun Jarvis, David Pinelli, Matt Adkins and Jarrod Murfit, were on hand to roll out the rad and show them that through dedication and sacrifice you can reach your goals.

Through dedication and sacrifice you can reach your goals.

Matt Adkins lets loose for the students with a cannonball over the jump box

BMX stunt riding is an excellent example of what perseverance is all about. When learning a new trick, a rider must be willing to devote their time, energy and effort. They must be able to calculate risks, find out how to correct mistakes and pick themselves back up when they fail. Just as it took Thomas Eddison 1000 tries to create the electric light bulb it took Matt Adkins 99 attempts before he learned how to do a front flip – this is the type of drive, dedication and singular focus that is required for a rider to master a stunt. Coming to understand that to be truly successful you must learn from your failures can be broadened out to other parts of your life.

Clockwise from top left – Shaun Jarvis brought much of his life experience to the presentation along with some awesome bmx flatland skills like this backyard trick – David Pinelli spins a 360 without his hands on the grips – Matt Adkins mid front flip showing that anything in life is possible if you’re willing to learn the skill – Matt Adkins arms are aerodynamic for more air lift.

At the school assembly presentation the squad also talked about leadership to the students. Leadership can take many different paths, and an example that Shaun gave was on how someone else can have an enormous impact on your life and they don’t even know it! Shaun helped a young BMX rider set up his bike 25 years ago. Later that rider made contact with Shaun via social media saying that he never forget the time that Shaun helped him. He was so pumped and happy about the time that Shaun dedicated to him that it made him want to keep riding. Given that it was 25 years ago Shaun can’t remember that moment but the other person can! Our actions and what seem like small insignificant moments of leadership can have far-reaching consequences. When Shaun was a young BMX racer, he met the Godfather of freestyle Bob Haro. The opportunity to meet one of the BMX industries heroes and be encouraged by him was the main reason Shaun started Freestyle Now. If you were to ask Bob Haro about that moment 33 years ago, he would not remember, but Shaun does. The message to students was that leadership does not necessarily mean being a manager or CEO – it is about your everyday actions and how they can affect people for their entire lives – so strive to be a positive influence!

Presenting these positive, meaningful messages and demonstrating the most radical heart-stopping BMX stunt riding that the students have ever seen is what Freestyle Now is all about. When you combine these motivational stories with back flips, front flips, 360 spins and so many other crazy epic stunts those messages stay with students for a long time and Freestyle Now is grateful to bring that radness to life to our young generations.

David Pinelli back flips over a restful Jarrod Murfit

Please don’t hesitate to contact Freestyle Now today for pricings and any relevant information you may require  for Freestyle Now to deliver to your school a great school assembly presentation.

More photos form the Bruce Rock school assembly presentation can be found on our facebook page here


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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – March 1987


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad for over 30 years now. What started with three young BMX freestyle riders wanting to show off the growing popularity of BMX freestyle has now 30 years later molded into a Australian wide enterprise with squad members around Australia and the world. Covering not only just bmx but scooter and skateboard with entertaining stunt show performances, skatepark coaching workshops, well managed skatepark competitions and motivational school presentations. Freestyle Now started in late 1986 with our first shows taking place in December of 1986. It was not until March of 1987 that Freestyle Now did its first paid performance in front of thousands of people at the Fremantle Speed Classic. The event was an old time car drag race held at the Fremantle port passenger terminal. Freestyle Now performed 3 bmx stunt shows on that day. Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis was joined with the original squad members Georg Molnar and Brad Dyer for the first 2 shows. In the 3rd show Todd Triebler who was announcing the first 2 shows took over from Georg as he had taken a bar to the stomach in show 2. Georg then went on to announce the 3rd show. The shows were mainly a flatland show but we did have a kick ramp, they call them flat banks now. BMX riding and the Freestyle Now stunt shows have progressed a vast amount in the past 30 years.

Shaun Jarvis with a frame stand as Todd Triebler looks on with the crowd.

We were lucky enough to have good friend Andrew Romano come and film the shows. 30 years later we have taken the video footage off VHS and it is now uploaded to the web for the world to see our past history of radness. Over the years the quality of the footage has diminished but we hope you will enjoy the videos of some of the first Freestyle Now stunt shows.

Fremantle speed classic show number 1 – Freestyle Now bmx stunt show with riders Shaun Jarvis, Georg Molnar and Brad Dyer

Fremantle speed classic show number 2 – Freestyle Now bmx stunt show with riders Shaun Jarvis, Georg Molnar and Brad Dyer

Fremantle speed classic show number 3 – Freestyle Now bmx stunt show with riders Shaun Jarvis, Brad Dyer and Todd Triebler

If you want to read more about our past please have a read on our about page. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

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Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the 2017 Corymbia festival. Freestyle Now squad members David Pinelli, Shaun Jarvis and Matt Adkins and recruits squad member Jack Carwardine. Freestyle Now performed some great entertaining bmx stunt shows with many rad tricks taking place. The people attending the Corymbia festival were entertained from the great performance that Freestyle Now put on. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

David Pinelli getting all upside down.

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli hits a perfect Indian air seat grab – Matt Adkins firs a cannon ball over the jump box – Jack Carwardine sending a tailwhip – David Pinelli back flips over Shaun Jarvis.

More photos can be found on our facebook page here

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Freestyle Now North West skatepark coaching sessions tour


The Freestyle Now North West skatepark coaching sessions tour was five days of good times and great skatepark coaching sessions. In February Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Ben Thomas and Mitch Harris fly into Paraburdoo and got ready for the 4 hour drive to Onslow. Onslow had just had a fantastic new skatepark built and their opening day celebrations taking place and what better way to help celebrate than by having some skatepark coaching workshop sessions taking place.

Freestyle Now - shaun jarvis bmx onslow skatepark feb 2017

Shaun Jarvis gets all tucked in as the storm passes Onslow.

Thursday afternoon was the first low key session with the official opening taking place on the Friday. During this session Freestyle Now hoisted a few mini competitions and fun activities and gave out some rad prizes. On the Saturday it was a long 5 hour drive inland to Tom Price to host another skatepark coaching workshop session. Again some mini competitions and fun activities took place and the participants at the skatepark all had a great time. On the Sunday Shaun, Ben and Mitch managed to do a bit of sightseeing to Karijini National Park before heading back to Paraburdoo to host another skatepark coaching workshop session. The north west can be forever changing and on this day the weather decided to change rapidly with a sudden downpour of rain and strong winds. It lasted for about 20 minutes but long enough to soak the skatepark, though it did dry out just as the session was ending. On the Monday the squad headed back to Perth for some relaxation time and to escape the heat. Till next time a big thank you to the Shire of Ashburton and to all the skatepark users that got to interact with Shaun, Ben and Mitch. Check the video below of the trip to know what took place and how the radness was rolled out.


Freestyle Now - north west australia trip feb 2017

Top – Mitch Harris carving the wall at Paraburdoo as well as relaxing at Karijini
Bottom – Lack of animals


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Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – 30 years ago today


30 years to the day, today the 3rd of March 1987, Freestyle Now busted out one of our all time classic bmx stunt shows at the Fremantle speed classic. This was our third ever bmx stunt show that we had done and our first paid gig. We not sure how we got this gig but looking back it was a great day with many memories. We do have video footage locked away on VHS which should see light of day very soon. We are working on a upcoming mini documentary celebrating the history of Freestyle Now. Click here to have a look at our long list of stunt shows from over the past 30 years.

These three guys are the dudes who started Freestyle Now left to right – Shaun Jarvis, Brad Dyer, Georg Molnar.

Right-  Brad Dyer showing off his incredible balance skills. Left – Georg Molnar riding the flatbank mid fakie.

 Shaun Jarvis with frame stand variation 87

 Left – Todd Triebler throwing down a cherry picker. Todd was the announcer in our first few stunt shows. On this day Georg took a handle bar to the stomach in the 2nd show so Todd came out in the 3rd show to throw down. He did not disappoint and became a permanent member of the squad.
Right – Brad Dyer hopping around on the front end.

 The West Australian New paper ran this photo on page 3 of the newspaper a few days after the show. Shaun Jarvis had this to say about the newspaper article. “I went into work on Tuesday and the boss said that he wanted to buy the paper but was told that they were all sold out, some young bloke had brought them all. I had no clue what the heck he was on about, until a little while later a fellow worker showed me the paper, I was stoked to say the least. The only copy I have is this old photo copied one, still it brings back some great memories from the show.”



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Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Blacktown City Council Australia Day celebrations that took place at Rooty Hill in the West of Sydney. The afternoon started out slow with the crowds building as Freestyle Now got set up. By the time the first show was set to go a good number of people had gathers to enjoy the bmx stunt show. Freestyle Now squad members Lee Kirkman and Shaun Jarvis  were joined by Danny Campbell and John Condie to roll out the rad to the masses who had come out to enjoy the celebrations. Some rad bmx stunt shows took place over the course of the afternoon with the riders performing a variety of bmx stunts over the portable bmx jump ramp and the Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows drew in large numbers at shows time. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Rooty Hill - Lee Kirkman super indian air grab

Lee Kirkman is renowned for his no footed Indian air super seat grabs and the crowds at Rooty Hill were not disappointed

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Rooty Hill Australia Day 2017

Clockwise from left – Lee Kirkman no footed can can flying the Aussie flag in his helmet – Guest rider Danny Campbell with a perfect super man for the Rooty Hill crowds – Lee Kirkman spinning a flat 360 – Guest rider John Condie throws a slow bar spin over the jump box for the crowd.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Rooty Hill - Danny Campbell and John Condie backflip

Danny Campbell and John Condie timing their backflips just right.

More photos can be found on our facebook page here

The above is a video from the last show at Rooty Hill. The crowds really got into it.

 Local radio SWR FM 99.9 produced a video of the Rooty Hill Australia Day celebrations, it was a great afternoon and evening had by all and the Blacktown City Council really put on a great events

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Freestyle Now turns 30 years old


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986.

It’s hard to believe but Freestyle Now started way back in December of 1986. Now 30 years later it has grown from 3 young guys just wanting to promote BMX freestyle with BMX stunt shows to an Australian wide entity. Freestyle Now specialises in entertaining stunt show performances, skatepark coaching workshops, well managed skatepark competitions and motivational school presentations all while making sure inclusiveness and diversity is at the forefront of our ethos. By applying the same philosophy that free sports teach us, to our business ethics, we have persevered to achieve our goal of running well-managed events and entertaining performances. We have accomplished this all while promoting the fun aspects of BMX, skateboarding and scooter riding and associated activities. This has, and will always be our main focus.

freemantle speed classic 3rd march 1987

The original Freestyle Now squad members L to R Shaun Jarvis, Brad Dyer and Georg Molnar taken at the Fremantle Speed Classic in March 1987

Freestyle Now began as an idea in mid 1986 by three friends Georg Molnar, Brad Dyer and Shaun Jarvis. 1986 was a year of new things for these three friends. A new sport was emerging, BMX freestyle. This is what brought these three guys together. In Perth Western Australia where they lived the small BMX freestyle community was tight. There were only a handful of riders and Georg, Brad and Shaun were in the core of it. Shaun started in the BMX racing scene in 1981 and raced in Western Australia until the new emerging freestyle sport took hold of his senses in early 1986. Within a few months, he took a spot on the newly formed Redline BMX trick team which was put together by Padbury cycles bike shop. It was through this shop that word got around about other riders, this is how Brad, Georg and Shaun met each other. The very first show that the Redline trick team did was at Whiteman Park for its grand opening in August 1986. Although this team did a few shows they only lasted a short time and in the later part of 1986 Shaun left. It was upon this leaving that the three friends got together to form their own BMX freestyle team, Freestyle Now.

Where did the name come from? A very popular magazine from America was called “Freestylin”. Freestyle is what the riders did, it’s what they called it. Now is an action word as in do it “now”. So Freestyle Now was the name that Brad, Georg and Shaun settled on as it seemed fitting.

In 1986 the only form of information available in the BMX world was through magazines. There was no internet to gain instant information from. Only the magazines had the information and this was sometimes up to 6 months old by the time it would reach Perth from either America or England. BMX freestyle teams were all over these magazines, from the large factory teams to the little group of friends that started something. It was this that inspired the formation of Freestyle Now.

The sole purpose of Freestyle Now when it was formed was to promote to the masses the newly emerging sport of BMX freestyle. This was done via BMX stunt shows. December 1986 was when Freestyle Now did their first ever show at the Mullaloo primary school which was followed a few weeks later by a performance at a Christmas dance event in Girrawheen It was the start of something that no one could ever imagine would survive still all these years later.

The second show Freestyle Now did was at the Girrawheen Christmas dance

With the first show done new locations were sought for more stunt shows. For Georg, Brad and Shaun it was all about the promotion of BMX freestyle. Another medium that was also emerging out of America was the “Zine”. A small photocopied magazine that was produced by various people. It was another platform to promote BMX freestyle. So the three guys brought a second hand photocopier and started making the “Freestyle Now zine. These were produced using photos and a cut and glue method. They were put into bike shops and given to other riders. It was a very D.I.Y mentality. With no prior experience it was just hands on and make it work, a true Freestyle Now philosophy.

Another good friend of the trio Todd Triebler, who had also been on the same BMX freestyle shop team as Shaun in early 86 was recruited to announce the stunt shows and as a backup rider. These guys were tight, inseparable, spending every moment they could riding together, learning new tricks and exploring Perth.

The BMX freestyle scene was growing steadily in Perth and the need for regular gatherings was required so Freestyle Now went ahead and held its first competition in January 1988. Riders came from all over to attend. The only way to spread the news was through word of mouth and the Freestyle Now Zine. The competition was a success, so more were organised. Over the next few years, many competitions were held.

The whole ethos of promoting the new sport of BMX freestyle was complete, BMX stunt shows, BMX zines and BMX freestyle competitions.

In time Georg Molnar started to move on from BMX and left the Freestyle Now team and Brad Dyer returned to America. Shaun and Todd recruited new riders into Freestyle Now and kept on performing the BMX stunt shows.


Todd Triebler on the left and Shaun Jarvis on the right at the Bruce Rock show in 1989 performing double no handed cherrypickers.

When the 90’s rolled around a major shift took place in the sport of BMX freestyle. It was as if overnight every rider had quit and stopped riding. There was still a core group of BMX freestylers but the need for competitions had passed. With Brad now in America, the drive to produce the Freestyle Now Zine was in a standby mode. The promotion of the sport had shifted to just the stunt shows.

Over the coming years, Todd and the other riders moved on from BMX and their association with Freestyle Now. This left Shaun Jarvis at the helm steering Freestyle Now into the future. When there were no riders to perform at the stunt shows Shaun just went out and did solo shows. The need to carry on the promotion of the freestyle sport was what drove Shaun to keep going. After 30 years you can check out a list of all of our past stunt shows on our past stunt show page here.

In late 1996 the sport of BMX freestyle seemed to be coming back, new riders were emerging. One of these riders was a young Jason Parker. Jason had heard about the Freestyle Now stunt shows through friends in the south-west area of Western Australia where he lived. When Jason moved to Perth in 1998 he managed to track down Shaun through an advertisement in a national BMX publication for BMX products that Freestyle Now was then distributing. The two guys started riding together. It did not take long for Shaun to recognise Jason’s riding potential, and he was asked to join Freestyle Now in 2000. In an ironic twist, when the two riders met for the first time Shaun showed Jason some BMX photographs, one of the photos was of Shaun at the very first BMX show that he did with the Redline BMX trick team, the one at Whiteman Park in mid 1986. Jason was surprised to see the photo because as a very young 6 year old Jason Parker was in the crowd that day and saw the show. The two new friends could not believe it, Jason remembered the whole show, how a tram came in through the middle of the show location and stopped the show leaving some riders on the top of the ramp. Even to this day, the two riders can’t believe how ironic it was. Jason is still riding and involved with Freestyle Now today and apart from Shaun is the longest serving squad member.


Jason Parker joined the Freestyle Now squad at the start of 2000. This was Jason’s second show at the Toodyay Moondyne Festival in May 2000. His first show was at the Denmark Country Fair in February 2000

Over time more BMX shows were performed and new riders were recruited into the squad. But now with the growing popularity of BMX, the need for competitions became prominent once again.

In the early 80’s Co-founder Shaun Jarvis helped organise BMX races on the local BMX dirt jumping/BMX track that the youth of the town of Quinns Rock had built. Organising BMX competitions was nothing new as he had done it before as a BMX racer and then as a BMX freestyler. The need for well managed events was something that was required to help with the growth of the BMX scene. Some of the first competitions that Freestyle Now organised were dirt jumping competitions in the late 90’s. These morphed into BMX skatepark competitions for local government and community organisations and were very successful. Freestyle Now was then asked to manage skateboard competitions as well as BMX and then with the rise of the scooter scene the whole skatepark culture was catered for in competition management. All of our past competitions can be found on our past competition page here

In 2001 community T.V. was starting to emerge in Perth via channel 31. There was a show being air called “Cruzin” a show about Perth hot rods and the car street scene. Shaun was watching this show and realised that a show about BMX could be done. Shaun called up Jason and said “do you want to do a television show on community television”. Jason said “sure why not!” and with no prior computer experience or video editing experience “Behind the Bars” was started. The show was a nine part show with each show airing every 4 weeks. It was a major undertaking at first. In the same way, the Freestyle Now zine was done with a D.I.Y. mentality so was Behind the Bars. Learning as the show progressed was the format. It was just hands on and make it work, a true Freestyle Now philosophy.

This is the first episode of Behind the Bars which aired on Perth community television in 2001. All the episodes can be found on the Behind the Bars media page here

With BMX, scooters and skateboards being a great youth involvement activity it was not long until Freestyle Now started its motivational school presentations. These school presentations were to help keep the youth motivated to pursue their dreams and goals. Using the medium of BMX, scooters and skateboards as a way of delivering this motivational message, with self discipline and consistency you can reach your achievement. Tricks done on BMX, scooters and skateboards are a great example of this

To help grow the competitions and to also help new riders Freestyle Now started to host skatepark coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to help younger participants or those needing to progress their skills.

With show performances, competitions, coaching, publications and promotions, Freestyle Now is advancing into the future with positivity paramount. The past was great but the future holds larger aspirations. Freestyle Now continues to grow by using our fundamental ethos of courtesy, respect, inclusiveness and diversity within our cultural industry. Please always remember to Freestyle now……….. before it’s too late…………….

Over the 30 years Freestyle Now has progressed so much. This is one of our stunt shows from January 2015

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Freestyle Now at DownUnderGround bmx flatland finals 2016



DownUnderGround is the Australian national bmx flatland contest series. Round 1 was in Adelaide with round 2 being a video round and round 3 the finals of series 8 took place in Melbourne at the iconic Imax location at the Melbourne Museum. Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlin, Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker attended the contest with awesome results. With one of the best turn outs that DownUnderGround has seen in recent years the contest was great. Paul Chamberlain took out the win in the open class along with the series 8 year end title in the open class. Very consistent riding as normal from Paul with some great whiplash combos. Jason parker was a surprise entrant as no one knew he was showing up. Being off his bike for 6 weeks due to his up north work schedule can be hectic but it was great to see Jason there. With two good runs he ended up taking the 1st place in the expert class to his surprise. Well done Jason that was epic. Shaun Jarvis rode well and took home 4th place in the contest and in doing so won the series 8 year end title in the expert class. Congratulation to all three squad members for their efforts at DownUnderGround. Series 9 will be taking place next year so be sure to keep informed about all things flatland in Australia via


Paul rolling out a plastic man on his way to 1st place in the open class


Jason Parker with a upsidedown backwards wheelie on his way to first place in the expert class


Shaun Jarvis fresh from his Japan trip on his way to 4th place with a backyard


Paul Chamberlain (open class) and Shaun Jarvis (expert class) both taking the year end titles for series 8 of DownUnderGround



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Shaun Jarvis at Flatark 2016


Flatark is the biggest flatland contest in the world. Held in Kobe Japan, riders from all over the world travel to be a part of the event. Riders come and enjoy the event others come to compete. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Paul Chamberlain travelled to Japan to experience Flatark once again. This is the third time they have gone. Shaun competed once again in the expert class where he place 19th in a class of 42 riders. 2016 is the 35th year Shaun has been riding bmx and it looks like he is not slowing down. Shaun sent us a few words about the trip so please read on.


Elbow glide while the birds take flight at Meriken Park in Kobe – photo by Marcio Massayuki Abe

“This was the third time I had gone to Japan for Flatark. For me it is now a yearly thing to do, and I look forward to seeing so many riders and friends and making new friends. I travelled to Japan with two other riders from Perth, Tim Sutherland and Trent Karow. On our first night in Kobe we went to this small jam at Shin Kobe station that started at 11pm. With one like 2 hours sleep over the past 40 hours i managed to ride ok and won a G-Shock watch from Uchino. A very proud and honoured moment for sure. We met Paul Chamberlain and friend Kit McKenna in Kobe the day after. I rode every day and experienced so many good times. On the day of the competition I finally planned out my run. I felt comfortable to ride at the contest site, the more comfortable you are the more relaxed you can be for the contest. I hit two smooth combos and then with the third combo it fell apart a bit and didn’t go very well. I had not slept well the night before so I was not that bummed as I knew I had rode the best I could on the day, I was happy with my run and that is what counted the most. To find out a few days later that I took 19th place was rad, super stoked for sure. After my contest run  I met Ryo Ishikawa, a young 10 year old who is inspired by my riding, I was blown away that he wanted to meet me. I felt very honoured to inspire younger riders. Later I headed over to Meriken Park to ride. There I met 3 young riders (under 10) and riding with them was a highlight of my trip, they inspired me and they started to copy some of my tricks I was doing. They even brought me coffee, something so small but meant so much. Going to Osaka and seeing friends, and riding with them was another awesome time. Halloween in Osaka was an experience I could no imagine, what an insane night, be sure to check the video of the footage to see what I meen.  The whole 10 days trip was so good. Every day riding, experiencing, learning and being motivated. Looking back on the trip I feel so motivated to progress more and I can’t wait to return. I made a video diary from each of the 10 days adventure and compiled them into one video. Give it a watch to see the adventure and how awesome the trip was over the 10 days. Sure it’s just over 1 1/2 hours but the trip lasted ten days with so much packed into it it was hard not to show this much.”

You can check out more photos from Shaun” trip via his facebook page here



Shaun Jarvis in the middle of a switch before scuffing forward on the front wheel during his contest run – photo by Jason Halayko


Some backyard action on the big screen as well during his run at Flatark – photo by Marcio Massayuki Abe


Shaun leaving the contest floor at Flatark 2016 – photo by Marcio Massayuki Abe


After his contest Shaun met Ryo Ishikawa. Young Ryo was so happy as he is inspired by Shaun’s riding style.


Halloween in Japan is crazy, this is the crew in Osaka, L to R – Paul Chamberlain, Shaun Tim Sutherland and Kit McKenna. Check Shaun’s video to see some of the crazy Halloween action.

Shaun’s contest run from Flatark


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