Busselton stacks and stunts – Sunday 22nd November


Once again we were on the road to host another competition. This time down in beautiful Busselton. We trekked down there on the Saturday and stopped off in Bunbury for a bit of riding. It was good to see Bunno locals Rex and J.King throwin down mad styles at the park. Accompanying Shaun Jarvis and Victorian transplant Ben Moran on the trip was Sebbi Scott, Ryan Griffiths and squad member Dylan Schmidt.

Left – J.King 360 unlook back – Right – Rex ally oop 270’s the hip

A short street ride consisting of Shaun, Ben and Dylan was put into place as Ben wanted to have a bit of a look around Bunbury, and a few spots were ridden in the process. We arrived in Busselton Saturday night and Ben was still in the mood to ride so a small session was had right in the hotel room, you can’t stop a man on a mission.

Left – Sebbi stylish Tabo – Right – Ryan kicks with two feet


Left – The Milky Bar Kid is trying to fly, Right – Sebbi has the nac nac


Left – Dylan is up the wall, Right – Shaun getting some treats on the streets


Ben Moran pumps his bicycle in circles without the use of one hand and one foot

Left – The Milky Bar Kid checkin the tread, Right – Ben Moran cannot be stopped

Sunday at it was time for stacks and stunts. The Busselton Park doesn’t have much flow so the Freestyle Now ramps were defiantly put to good use and made for a vast improvement. With competitors signed up and the spectators waiting to see some stacks and stunts, the action commenced. It was great to see so many people out in support of the event and the day came to an end with local band The Beauty of Slaughter ripping the place apart with some Deathcore/grindcore masterpieces. Big props out to Cas and Joel at Southern Rip along with the T shirt Shack, Stowaway distribution and Beyond skate .

Late Sunday arvo we began out trek back to Perth but not before stopping in Bunbury to bare witness to a road rage incident. It was a very ugly occurrence to see two young guys beating up a single driver just because he was driving a bit to slow. I do hope Michael is ok and that the perpetrators get apprehended. Apart from that said incident the trip was awesome and fun was had by all.

Clock wise from top left – Dylan Schmidt backs it up, Darren Piper gets the stacks in, Sebbi tyre slides, Jackson Banfield slides the razza

Clock wise from top left – Jackson Banfield pole jamming to fakie, Dylan Schmidt grabbin, Darren Piper flips it to fakie, Ben McManara get pickin

Clock wise from top left – Nathan Bell loves that coping, Ryan Griffiths whips in the air, Hans flips the board without hands, Sebbi just holds this forever.

Official Results Busselton stacks and stunts – Sunday 22nd November

Scooter – 1st – Zac Priest, 2nd – Kasem Rhanat, 3rd – Dean Brasrcford, 4th – Danel Harris, 5th – Brodie, 6th – Jaxon Hewer, 7th – Joel Verrel 8th – Dane Fletcher, 9th – Corey Wild, 10th – Liam Faulkner, 11th – Lockie Wright, 12th – Noah Morgan

Skateboard Duds – 1st – Dylan Reese, 2nd – John Luc, 3rd – Tom Edgson, 4th – Brook Campbell, 5th – Mitchell Halliday, 6th – Dylan Watson, 7th – Travis Haynes.

Skateboard Studs – 1st – Darren Piper, 2nd – Jackson Banfeild, 3rd – Jordan Sibbald, 4th – Hans, 5th – Nathan Bell, 6th – Jack Wolny.

Bmx Duds – 1st – Aaron Moulsdale, 2nd – Brian Leech, 3rd – Cody Higgins, 4th – Bryn Weinnman.

Bmx Studs – 1st – Sebbi Scott, 2nd – Dylan Schmidt, 3rd – Ryan Griffiths, 4th – Ben Shaw, 5th – Ben McMarara, 6th – Sam Shaw