Woodridge community fair


On Sunday the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad was at the Woodridge community fair. It was a great day to be out riding and mingling with the crowd. The community was really into the shows with a stack of young people hanging out with us most of the day and getting to ride our bikes. The shows were flatland only and the surface was top notch to be riding on. Squad members Shaun Jarvis and Andrew McDermitt  were joined by Mike Brandt and special guest Victorian transplant Ben Moran .It was a good way for the riders to get warmed up for the Downunderground national flatland contest series taking place on Friday 6th November at the Canning agricultural show.

One of the funniest things that has ever been said at a demo was when an older lady came and had a look at the squad riding and said with surprise “OH…… they’re adults!!!

Yes that’s is right grown men riding bmx bikes.

Clock wise from top left – Shaun – steamroller, Andrew – hitchhiker,  Shaun – Gut lever, Ben Moran – impossible, Mike – going backwards, Andrew – messiah

Clock wise from top left – Ben – spinning, Andrew – stick B, Shaun – elbow glide, Mike – pedal peg 5, Andrew – cliff hanger, Ben – nose wheelie