Willetton comp – 13th February


The competition at Willetton skatepark on Saturday 13th February was an awesome comp. With a good turnout of bmx riders and some local scooter kids all wanting to compete for some fine treasure from Stowaway distribution and a high spectator count the day was destined to be good.

The scooter kids whipped their aluminum contraptions around like they do but the most incredible thing witnessed was a massive nose wheelie of about 8 meters by an unknown scooter kid. That there took some skill.

The bmx stud class had the biggest collection of riders and a battle final was the order at the end of the comp with the top five going through to the final. The first battle was between Dylan Schmidt and Laurance Bakewell with it a close call but Laurance just got it due to some flair 540 taps. Battle found two Laurance took on Taylor Brown and although Taylor rode exceptionally well he just was not as consistent as Laurance. So moving on into round three it was Laurance taking on Willo local Sebbi Scott. This was going to be a very interesting round as it was style against tricks. Sebbi has a flow style while Laurance has the bangers. Again it was a tough battle round but it was Laurance who just edged out Sebbi due to Laurance just hitting up more of the park and throwing down a few bigger tricks. Final battle round between Laurance and Andy. Andy has a real tech style and again it was two different styles going head to head. Andy’s two runs were mixed with nice high tabo boosts and clean 360’s along with fast plant 360’s and G turns and rail rides. Laurance had ridden flat out in all the battles and by the time he had made it through he was tired and it showed. His consistency has dropped and he was not having as much power as he shows in the previous rounds. The win was given to Andy with Laurance taking out the second spot.

Thanks to the City of Canning and Stowaway Distribution for making the day awesome.

Clockwise from top left – Sebbi Scott stylin a tabo – Andy 360 – Dylan Schmidt tail whips the hip – Laurance Bakewell mid double whip.

Official results for Willetton skatepark comp 13th February

Scooters –  1st –  Kyle Page , 2nd – Jazz Woodhouse , 3rd – Jack Anderson , 4th – Tyler Smith , 5th – Joel Merson , 6th – Wayde Dickerson , 7th – Beau Healy

Bmx Duds – 1st – Ashten Burten , 2nd – Koen Fowler , 3rd – Alex McLynn , 4th – Reagen Chowell

Bmx Studs – 1st – Andy, 2nd – Laurance Bakewell , 3rd – Sebbi Scott , 4th – Taylor Brown , 5th – Dylan Schmidt , 6th – Jake Greves , 7th – Brett Pearson , 8th – Bradley South , 8th – Dave Jonker , 10th – Brenton Rooney