Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad at Rockingham youth festival


On Saturday 20th March the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad were out in force at the Rockingham youth festival. The day was a great chilled out event with a stack of youth bands playing some great music. The Rockingham youth service team done an awesome job in organizing such a brilliant day.

Freestyle Now squad members Tim Rose, Dylan Schmidt and Shaun Jarvis invited shredder Dave Pinelli to the demos. Dave is a super awesome dude who can bust out some mean tricks and at the end of the day Dave was even boosting massive high 180,s over the box. Tim started to throw in some new tricks like tabled 360 to turndowns, Dylan had the customary Dylan enthusiasm and just kept hitting all the tricks while after a year and a half off from jumping due to injuries Shaun started to jump the box again. An awesome day was had by many.

Clockwise from top left –Tim getting a flatty –Head down backies up (Shaun and Tim) – Dave Pinelli down whipping – Dave turns them all down.

Clockwise from top left – Tim 360 turndown – Dylan tucks into some no handers – Dave is flying – Dylans superman impersonation

Clockwise from top left – Dylan can fly as well – Tim mid 360 tail whip – Who can, Dylan can no foot can can – Dave dropping bombed 360.