3500kms of radabonzical action – Kalgoorlie competition


Wednesday 14th April Freestyle Now was in Kalgoorlie to host a competition at the awesome Kalgoorlie skatepark. This was the next stop on the 3500kms of radabonzical action trip.

The Kalgoorlie skatepark is an awesome park now that all the paint has been removed from the surface. Like most skateparks the Kalgoorlie park was painted to cover up the graffiti with normal paint but as we all know this becomes very slippery. Freestyle now worked with the city of Kalgoorlie–Boulder to lobby for the removal of the paint so that it is only the cement surface to ride on. Now that this has been done the park is so much safer to ride, it’s faster and you don’t have to worry about front wheel washouts any more, its rad.

The competition was large with a heap of competitors in all classes. One of the stand outs of the day was 14 year old bmxer Sam Pearce, who has been bustin out large over the last few months and his riding had improved a heap. It was a treat to see him ride. Skateboarder Tristan Tansey had some bad luck 10 seconds into his first run when he bomb dropped down the stairs to skateboard to the face which resulted in a short trip to hospital and a few stitches, he later returned to the comp to a mass rush of fellow competitors. A true champion. Corey Smithies owns the Kalgoorlie park as he has all the lines dialed and can bust out anything he such desires.

It’s always a treat to go to Kalgoorlie and mix with the locals. Thanks to the city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and youth week 2010 for staging a competition for the locals. Props also to local shops Hannans cycles and Salty’s surf and skate for their support as well as Stowaway distribution and Beyond skate.

Clock wise from top left – skaters are crooked in Kalgoorlie – Dean Bidgood flips out regularly – local dude J.D. didn’t get a chance to compete but did bust out some rad backside grabs – Corey Smithies turndowns

Kalgoorlie skatepark official results 14th April 2010

Scooter Duds – 1st Kyle Bugleg – 2nd Tyrone Drummond – 3rd Brady Culmore – 4th Izaac Hazell – 5th Cullen Webber – 6th Josh Forbes – 7th Jay Reese – 7th Cody Sawyer

Scooter Studs – 1st Black Hicks – 2nd Kalaui Wordley – 3rd Justin Peterson – 4th Aydan Lee-Jordan – 5th Cody Drummond – 6th Bailey Thomson – 7th James Hyder – 8th Malte Bergmann

Skateboard Duds – 1st Blake Workman – 2nd Josh Wlazlowsk – 3rd Jayden Pickering – 4th Todd Haggarty – 5th Liam Farrell – 6th Lachlan Scroop 7th Daltan McIlroy – 8th Peter Wlazlowsk – 9th Reilly Fowler – 10th Josh Hayward – trip to hospital Tristan Tansey

Skateboard Studs – 1st Conner Devlin – 2nd Matt Quijano– 3rd Chris Basley

Bmx Duds – 1st Blake Pearce – 2nd James Hyder – 3rd Jason Randell

Bmx Studs – 1st Corey Smithies – 2nd Sam Pearce – 3rd Dean Bidgood – 4th Mitchall Hannagan – 5th Jye – 6th Tyler Buckley