3500kms of radabonzical action – Merredin competition


Friday the 16th April was a good sleep-in for the squad with only a short distance to travel from Carrabin to Merredin for the hosting of the Merredin skatepark competition. The turnout was a bit small but, quality over quantity prevailed on this day. A mass showing from the town of Merredin over the course of the afternoon showed that the locals were digin the vibe from the skatepark.

Some of the Kalgoorlie riders made the 300kms trek to Merredin just for the comp which was awesome to see that amount of enthusiasm, even if it did mean having to stay the night due to Dean Bidgood”s car needing a front wheel replacement. Corey Smithies had been eyeing up a gap over the back rail to a 2meter drop and in true Corey style he had to 180 it. After his 4th attempt he still could not pull the landing but a tremendous feat to attempt such an awesome maneuver.

A thank you goes out to Kristy from the Merredin shire, Stowaway Distribution, Beyond Skate and youth week 2010.


 Clockwise from top – Corey Smithies mid 180 – River Pitts smooth bry flip over the spine – Dean Bidgood flairin just like his car’s front wheel

Merredin skatepark official results 16th April 2010

Scooter Duds – 1st Nathan Carlson – 2nd Kale Beicken – 3rd Jayden Pitts – 4th Josh – 5th Max James

Scooter Studs – 1st Billy Williamson – 2nd River Pitts – 3rd Cade – 4th Hayden Barney – 5th James

Bmx – 1st Corey Smithies – 2nd Luke Hendriks – 3rd Dean Bidgood – 4th Justin Pitts – 5th Reece – 6th Lauchey – 7th Hamish Peters