3500kms radabonzical action – Narrogin skatepark competition


The next stop on the radabonzical trip was Narrogin skatepark. The town of Narrogin came out in force on Sunday 11th April 2010 to support the local youth who took part in the competition at the Narrogin skatepark. The day was great with so many people havig a heap of fun. With support from The Surf Shop in Narrogin as well as Mexfilmco, it was great to see all competitors receiving some sort of prize for their awesome efforts.

Thanks to Gayle Smith and Tanya Shepherd who were on hand to snap some photos of the event and post them all up on http://www.narroginbmxskatecomp.blogspot.com/ for the competitors to check out. Props to The town of Narrogin and youth week 2010

Narrogin skatepark official results 11th April 2010

Bmx duds – Michael O’Connal – 2nd Nick Nelson – 3rd Luke VanGoor – 4th Austin Graham – 5th Jayden Pitts

Bmx studs – 1st Dylan Schmidt – 2nd Andrew Racevskis – 3rd Bryn Weinman

Ripsticks – 1st Elizabeth Stringer – 2nd Nick Nelson – 3rd Peter Kirby – 4th Lewis Nelson – 5th Braydon Culri

Scooter – 1st Nick Nelson – 2nd Tristan Shepherd – 3rd Braydon Culri – 4th Jake Todt – 5th Peter Kirby – 6th Lewis Nelson

Skate – Jason Whyte

Best trick – Dylan Schmidt – flip 180 fly out to fakie roll back

Best stack – Luke VanGoor – Alley-oop 270 over hip (he got well made)

Left to right – Dylan Schmidt whipjam on the big bank – Elizabeth Stringer takes the win in ripsticks – local Andrew Racevskis getting nohanded over the enjoyable hip. – All photos from www.narroginbmxskatecomp.blogspot.com