3500kms of radabonzical action – Geraldton competition


Geraldton is an awesome town with street spots in abundance great beaches and some great sites to see, all this as well as a great skatepark at Wonthella. This park is a treat to ride and should not be missed if you venture into that area of the country.

The competition that took place at the Wonthella skatepark in Geraldton was flat out awesome with almost 50 competitors all willing to shred their hearts out. The Geraldton PCYC did a great job with getting the word out to the youth as there were a large number all just chilling out and watching the competition. With a large turn out of competitors the competition ran like clockwork and every competitor had their time to shine.

Joss Turner who was throwing his scooter around in all manner of variations. Tom Kannizosic had a stack of power on his board and kept it stuck to his feet when it was well needed. Ex local Dylan Carruthers and local Daniel McKay were throwing down all day but it was Dylan who had the consistency and the edge on the tricks to overpower Daniel in the points.

A thank you goes out to Jill at the Geraldton PCYC for being awesome, Stowaway Distribution and Beyond Skate for their support as well as youth week 2010.

Geraldton skatepark official results 18th April 2010

Scooter duds – 1st Tomas Maluish – 2nd Jacob Thomas – 3rd Adam Bethune – 4th Caleb Allen – 5th Aaron Noble

Scooter studs – 1st Joss Turner – 2nd Jackson Otto – 3rd Lewis Barnetson – 4th Anthony Knight – 5th Justin Ware

Skateboard duds – 1st Lochie Crear – 2nd Marcus Rolfe – 3rd Daniel Kellett – 4th Kale Hoody – 5th Rhys Luscombe

Skateboard studs – 1st Tom Kannizosic – 2nd Mitchel Schultz – 3rd Tayler Coffin – 4th Solley Goddard  

Bmx duds – 1st Jack Ben – 2nd William Stafford – 3rd Jesse Maslen – 4th Dale Sweeney – 5th Ben Bowden

Bmx studs – 1st Dylan Carruthers – 2nd Daniel McKay – 3rd Mitchell McCashney – 4th Shanon Jones – 5th Jaxan Diss

Clockwise from top left – Joss Turner scootin a 360 backflip – Jaxon Diss jams a nose picks – Tayler Coffin loves to skate – Daniel McKay text book lookback.