Coolgardie celebrations day competition


Over the weekend squad members Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt and Phillip Marshall along with the Freestyle Now ramps journeyed out to Coolgardie to host a bmx, skate and scooter competition. The drive out to Coolgardie on the Saturday was a good 8 hours trek due to a good strong easterly breeze. Not much happened on the drive out except big trucks, lots of vast open spaces and the pipeline. The guys did have to stop and help a stranded motorcyclist out of a hay bale though. Some really exciting stuff.

Top – The long road ahead – Bottom – Freestyle Now squad to the rescue

Come competition day the town of Coolgardie was a buzzing with activity from all the stalls and exhibits. The skatepark had an upgrade for the day with the Freestyle Now ramps setting up to give the skatepark some well needed extras. The day was a good chilled out atmosphere with a great deal of fun had by many. Thanks heaps to Stowaway Distribution for hooking up some prizes.

Left – Corey Smithes – Right – Cale Deeble

Clockwise from top left – Zac Buchanan large Ollie – Brandon Hills – Cory Parks hipin some style – Cale Deeble flairs the small quarter

On the Sunday night the guys ventured out to the local pub for a few drinks. They had only got halfway through their first drink and the police came and shut the pub down due to a large fight that broke out before the guys arrived. Well early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Monday’s mission back to Perth was cruising due to the tail wind thanks to Mr easterly.

Coolgardie celebrations day competition official results

Scooter – 1st – Zac Buchanan – 2nd – Cory Parks – 3rd – Kase Cullan

Skateboard – 1st – Zac Buchanan 2nd – Jayden Pickering – 3rd – Ashleigh Waddell

Bmx – 1st – Cale Deeble – 2nd – Corey Smithes – 3rd – Brandon Hills