Katanning Epic–Fest


The Katanning Epic-Fest had a great small town turnout with a big time energy level. The local competitors came out in force with a few out of town riders hitting up the comp as well. The Freestyle now squad with guest skater Callum McCauley and the ever so powerfull Ben Moran hit a few demos on the day to get the competitors amped up. The competition was fierce right till the end when a tie for first was between Dylan Schmidt and local rider Adam Plant. After a jam run off the points were still tight and it was Dylan who just edged out Adam by a few points. A big thanks to the local crew who helped to get the day organized.

Katanning Epic–Fest – November 20th 2010 – Official competition results

Skateboard – 1st Jason – 2nd Shaun Lavrick

Scooter – 1st Jared Maresch – 2nd Errick – 3rd Caleb Mills – 4th Seth Plant – 5th Jacob Plant

Bmx duds – 1st Bryce Brooking – 2nd Caleb Mills – 3rd Max House – 4th Zachary Dillon

Bmx studs – 1st Dylan Schmidt – 2nd Adam Plant – 3rd Bryn Weinmann – 4th Dylan McAndrew – 5th Ashley Kleeman – 6th Ashley Mills – 6th Ruben Plant


Clockwise from top left – Some Tim Rose goodness – Kie Ashworth 180’s the rail – Ben was stoked to roll this backwards nose wheelie across the skatepark – Callum McCauley getting tech.


Clockwise from top left – Dylan McAndrew nice Abubaca – Skatein Jason – Adam Plant nose whippin clean – Bryn Weinmann whip air