Kwinana Freakfest competition 2010


The Kwinana Freakfest on October 30th was nothing short of spectacular. The skatepark was chockers with competitors all willing to attack the Kwinana skatepark in the hopes of getting a share in the prizes from, Stowaway Distribution, 4 Skateboard Company and Mutts scooters. The festival itself was nothing but huge with so much activity going on all day. With all this culminating in Optamus from Downsyde throwing down live on stage. Mad props to the crew from the Kwinana youth outreach for a great day

Clockwise from top left – Taylor Brown is good at flairs – Andrew McDermott taking a break from some Judging duties to bust out some steamroller action – Phillip Marshall also taking a break from judging duties to throw down on the razza – The Kwinana Freakfest was huge.

Kwinana Freakfest – October 30th 2010 – official competition results

Scooter duds – 1st Blake Johnston – 2nd Clayton – 3rd Corey Bergin – 4th Mitchel Pianto – 5th Tom Pratt – 6th Rob Lundle – 7th Kyle Annandale

Scooter studs – 1st Tyler Smith – 2nd Curtis Vittorangen – 3rd Dominic Ybanez – 4th Mitchell Lucas – 5th Corrie Hurkala – 6th Quinton Thanes – 7th Jacob Miles – 8th Jace Tanner

Bmx duds – 1st Benji Ugle – 2nd Chad Cook – 3rd Liam Smith – 4th Thomas Langdon – 5th Nicolas Gray – 6th Mathew Cross – 7th Dylan Fidock – 8th Bryden Lundie

Bmx studs – 1st Jake Greaves – 2nd Laurence Bakewell – 3rd Michael Pidgeon – 4th Shane McIver – 5th Brad South – 6th Taylor Brown

Skateboard duds – 1st Eddie Smith – 2nd Connor Harrington – 3rd Brendon Cross – 4th Matt D – 5th Tobey Arnold – 6th TJ Cross – 7th Liam Webster – 8th Matthew Foppa

Skateboards studs – 1st Jesse Ballard – 2nd Ryan Van Nellestya – 3rd Brad Morfitt