The dirty Rev-Head


The Narrogin Rev-Heads was a fuel injected fun weekend with burn outs and super cars abundant. The event also hosted some freestyle motor cross as well as the bmx dirt jumping competition. This was the first dirt jumping competition to go down in Western Australia for some years. It’s an competition that Freestyle Now hopes to build on with the Rev-heads event crew. The locals built the jumps to the best of their ability but due to the size of the area the second set was a bit hard to hit up. A big props to riders who made it out to the comp. Although the class was small many riders had to pull out due to crashes just like Michael O’Connell who ended up in hospital that night with some back injuries. Get well soon dude. A simple, lowest score drops out system was use to get the top three into a five jump final. Their two lowest scores were dropped and the best three were tallied. Local Chris Jones was the favorite but Dave Jonker had some moves that kept pushing Chris. Another local Stefan Patterson was in full swing and hit some great limbless variations but it was Chris who had the trick of the comp thou with a no handed no foot can can to tail whip. Insane.

A massive thank you need to go out to Matt at the Narrogin surf shop for being a large supporter of the competition and giving away a stack of prizes. It’s good to see local businesses supporting good events.

Narrogin Rev-heads dirt comp – 21st November 2010 – Official results

1st Chris Jones – 2nd Dave Jonker – 3rd Stefan Patterson – 4th Bradie Yeomans – 5th Jake Greaves – 6th Bryn Weinmann.

Clockwise from top left – Chris Jones no hander no foot can can – Dave Jonker tail whip – Chris Jones stretched – The boy from Busso Bryn Weinmann.

Clockwise from top left – Stefan Patterson whippin hard – Dave Jonker had the smoothest 360’s on the day – Chris Jones flip turndown – The dirty 6, L-R, Stefan, Bryn, Chris, Dave, Jake, Bradie.