Minnawarra festival 2011


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad was out in full force at the Minnawarra Festival that took place on Sunday 20th March. With five full bmx stunt shows to perform, there were plenty of people to entertain on the above average hot day. The crowds were great all day long with people coming and going throughout the day. It was good to get some great bmx action out there for people to witness. Squad member Andrew McDermott had some bad luck before the show got started and snapped his seat post off, resulting in him having to borrow Shaun Jarvis’s bike. Just like Andrew he got down to business and hit up some fantastic flatland tricks for the massive. Guest riders for the day were Mike Brandt ,Jake Greaves and Warren Bowers who all hit some great tricks over the day. A big thanks to all the spectators who helped make the day loud with their cheers and clapping activity. See you again next year at the Minnawarra Festival. all photos Clayton Schmidt

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt and Shaun Jarvis with some team work, Shaun Jarvis getting some flatland rocking, Dylan could be the new superman, Guest rider Mike Brandt rolling backwards.

Clockwise from top left – Tim Rose is trying to fly, Andrew McDermott spinning a time machine, Dylan getting a vertical 360 done, It looks like Shaun is getting ready to catch Tim if he falls over.