F.N.W.A.S.S. rounds 2, 3, and 4


The Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series is well underway with competitions coming thick and fast with many competitors getting their comp groove on. Here is a round up from the last few comps.

Round 2 Willetton – 26th March

The points for bmx for Round 2 was at the Joondalup Huckfest only but for skating and scooters it was on at the Willetton Skatepark. The scooter class was large on this day but with a good turn out and some great fun activities happing all afternoon thanks to the City of Canning the day was fun. Willetton is a fun skatepark and fun was out and about on this day, like it always should be.

Official competition results – Round 2 FNWASS Willetton skatepark 26th March

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Koen Fowler, 2nd Kade Bransby

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Brettles Pearson, 2nd Shannon Hotton, 3rd Andreas Bailey

Skate – beginner/novice – 1st Jaydn Thomas, 2nd Mitchell Dobson, 3rd Sean McDonald

Scooter – beginner/novice – 1st Matt McCarthy, 2nd Jayden Collard, 3rd Samual Wynne-Kinshela, 4th Elijah Masoet. 5th Brad Kersten, 6th Tristan McGruddy, 7th Aiden Dansey-Smaller, 8th Samual Brown, 9th Aiden Dobson, 10th Michael Tasovac, 11th Zac Bechman, 12th Oliver Mavrick, 13th Caleb Strachan, 14th Zack Stiles, 15th Kyle lobb, 16th Jacob Strachan, 17th Julian Giancristofaro, 18th Rhys McGruddy, 19th Matthew Gilmour , 20th Michael White

Scooter – expert/pro – 1st Kyle Page, 2nd Billy Watts, 3rd Steve Cinanni, 4th Kevin Cole.

Round 3 High Wycombe 2nd April

Round 3 took place at the new High Wycombe Skatepark to an amazing amount of activity. With the new skatepark being used to its full potential and the stage rocking out some great local bands the competitors were at it in full competition mode. With a stack of product on offer from Stowaway Distribution, 4 Skateboard Co and Mutts scooters many competitors went home happy chappies. Big thanks to the Shire of Kalamunda.

Official competition results – Round 3 FNWASS High Wycombe skatepark 2nd April

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Liam McKay, 2nd Brandon Johns, 3rd Nathan Joson, 4th Beavdi Hill, 5th Jonathon Cooper, 6th (tie) Mathew Kolodenski, Ash Hanley

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Lewis Nolan, 2nd Alex Nolan, 3rd Chris Jones

Skate – beginner/novice – 1st Bradley Ilex, 2nd Tako El Zaino

Skate – expert/pro – 1st Raoul Poncin, 2nd Cam Phyland, 3rd Gabe Kovesi, 4th Jayden Galloway, 5th Thomas Harrison, 6th Matt Doyle, 7th Ricky Simonetta

Scooter – beginner/novice – 1st Cameron McCall, 2nd Kyle Carter, 3rd Troy Beeby, 4th Jessie Cartwright, 5th Cory Hicks, 6th Matthew Bear, 7th Wade Henderson, 8th Shannon Lillyman, 9th Jay Conte, 10th Johathan Cooper, 11th Corbin Feehan, 12th Zoe Allen, 13th Theo Allen, 14th (tie) Mathew Davies, Jayden Trethowen

Scooter – expert/pro – 1st Ben Thomas, 2nd Daniel Petts, 3rd Glen Preston, 4th (tie)Jarrod Beeby, Terry Skehan

Overview of the Rocko comp – Photo buff-o-matic

Round 4 Rockingham 3rd April

The Rockingham skatepark had not seen a comp with this many competitors and spectators for a long time, and it was good to see some great support from the locals for their local park and to support the youth of the area. The competition in the bmx expert/pro class was a very close competition with only 4 points between fourth and first. Another amazing day on the competition calendar thanks to the City of Rockingham.

Bmx and skate banging out the tricks at the Rockingham comp – Photo Graham Clark

Official competition results – Round 4 FNWASS Rockingham skatepark 3rd April

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Daniel Davies, 2nd Jarrod Evans, 3rd Thomas Langdon, 4th Xavier Morgan, 5th Dylan Soltwisch, 6th Ashley James, 7th Nathaniel Ryan, 8th Jordan Mitchell, 9th Brett Myles

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Lewis Nolan, 2nd Dylan Schmidt, 3rd Luke Snelling, 4th Alex Nolan, 5th Sion Bourne

Skate – beginner/novice – 1st Jacob Miles, 2nd Liam Webster, 3rd Lachlan Cooke

Skate – expert/pro – 1st Darky Kavanach, 2nd Grommit Booekenshine, 3rd Chonchoe Lazvendous, 4th Alexander Yates, 5th Rhys Morris.

Scooter – beginner/novice – 1st Joshua Peterson, 2nd Mason Hauira, 3rd Clayton Menzies, 4th Kyle Russel, 5th Phillip Goff, 6th Jacob Isaacs, 7th Daryl Crouch, 8th Lachlan Atkinson, 9th Baily Horlock, 10th (tie)Isaiah Brown, Dylan VanPadva, 11th (tie) Kyle Hill, Cory Bergin, 12th Em Forward, 13th Zac Leeson

Scooter – expert/pro – 1st Brayden Priest, 2nd Tyler Smith, 3rd (tie) Aiden Dansey-Smaller, Curtis Vittorgingeli, 4th Ricky Simpson, 5th Quinton Ybanez, 6th Rhys Morris

Round 4 Manjimup 3rd April

Manjimup is about 300 kms south west of Perth and the area has a great bmx scene. Jeremy from EZ rider bikes is pushing the scene down there and it shows with the amount of competitors who entered the competition. Freestyle Now brought down some extra ramps to add to the skatepark as the park is only a small rampage one and the locals really want a new upgrade. The competition went down a treat with so many prizes from EZ rider bikes and Steve’s menswear from Manjimup. Big props to Jeremy for supporting the riders in the area.

Manjimup riders rip it up – Photo Daniel Henderson

Official competition results – Round 4 FNWASS Manjimup skatepark 3rd April

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Liam Beedelson, 2nd Michael Granville, 3rd William Roberts, 4th Jackson Namnik, 5th Waylon Batt, 6th Cody Banfield, 7th (tie) Brayden Pollitt, Nathaniel Dunstan, 8th Brodie Coverley, 9th Darcy Miszkiewicz, 10th Jeremy Butler, 11th Shaun Armstrong, 12th GUMP, 13th Reer Tayler.

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Josh Dunstan, 2nd Jesse Potts, 3rd Aiden Vermey, 4th Jon Graham, 5th Dakota Krispyn, 6th Duane Barley, 7th Jaden Haberfield.

Manjimup riders took full use of the Freestyle Now box jump – Winners Liam and Josh looking over the prizes for first pickings