FNWASS rounds 5, 6 and 7


The Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series is well under way for the first half of the year. The weekend just gone saw some rad riding in the southern parts of Western Australia.

Round 5 Boyanup 8th April
Boyanup is a rad spot to ride as the bowl is covered and this adds some great night time atmosphere. The comp took place late in the afternoon and finished up in the evening. The competitors were well into the competition with so much fun had that everybody was well entertained riders and spectators. Although the turnout may have been small the level of radness was larger. Jaymin King is awesome, that is all that needs to be said. Skater Homeless Harry (not his real name) did the unthinkable and bombed dropped into the deep end (about 8ft) to flat. Thank you to the Shire of Capel and Donna Simms for getting the comp rocking out for many to have Friday night fun. Thanks to  Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Mutts scooters for the prize support.

Clockwise from top left – Mitchell Hannigan over jams in the semi deep section – Marc Usher bri flips the hip – The skaters are happy guys – The scooter class for the night and their winnings. – Photos Donna Sims

Official competition results – Round 5 FNWASS Boyanup skatepark 8th April

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Jaymin King, 2nd Rex Cubic, 3rd Mitchell Hannigan, 4th Bryn Weinman, 5th Josh Dunstan, 6th Ben Hannigan, 7th Bmxican.

Skate – expert/pro – 1st Jene Bromfeild, 2nd Steve Murray, 3rd Shaun Paul, 4th Matt Bicker

Scooter – expert/pro – 1st Kasem Phanat, 2nd Michael Moore, 3rd Marc Usher, 4th Nigel Heidt, 5th Dylan Guppy, 6th Joshua Dehring

Round 6 Bridgetown 9th April
The turnout at Bridgetown was great with a mix of young and old spectators from the town and surrounding towns the riders were in for a treat with some close calls on the final points in many of the classes. Bridgetown has a great park with a great scene. Props to the Manjimup crew for rocking it out on the day and to Josh Dunstan for taking another win in the bmx expert class. Cheers to Megan and Chris for their hospitality and thanks to the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes and to all of those who yelled out some cheers on the day. Recognition to  Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Mutts scooters  for the prize support.

Clockwise from top left – Jon Graham x up fakie – Josh Dunstan super whip – Russel Forrest is what bmx is all about,FUN – Marc Usher finger whipping the spine

Official competition results – Round 6 FNWASS Bridgetown skatepark 9th April

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Liam Ward, 2nd Liam Kestel, 3rd Liam Beedeisol, 4th Jackson Namnik, 5th Alex James, 6th Matt Pratico

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Josh Dunstan, 2nd Jon Graham, 3rd Callen McDonnell, 4th Duane Barley, 5th Adam Dowson, 6th Russel Forrest, 7th Jarrah Clapham, 8th Jordan Brennan-Williams

Skate – 1st Matt Brazier, 2nd River Brockliss, 3rd Darcy Miscovich

Scooter – beginner/novice – 1st Toby Ward, 2nd Jaxson Turner, 3rd Kyle Wilson, 4th Lachie Ternent, 5th Fraser Elliott

Scooter – expert/pro – 1st Jacob Kestel, 2nd Jackson Jurewicz, 3rd Marc Usher, 4th Sam Shepherd

Round 7 Narrogin 10th April
The competition at Narrogin was a great fun day with many of the younger competitors entering more than one discipline. Defiantly need to give a shout out to the riders from Katanning making the trek up to enjoy the day. It’s good to see the scene in Narrogin is still progressing well with a stack of younger dudes busting out. Thank you to the Town of Narrogin as well as Mutts scooters and the Narrogin Surf Shop for the prize support.

Official competition results – Round 7 FNWASS Narrogin skatepark 10th April

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Andrew Racevskis, 2nd Gage Chattillon, 3rd Heydon Hicks, 4th Nick Nelson, 5th Jamie Racevskis, 6th Tristan Shepard

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Ruben Plant, 2nd Adam Plant, 3rd Bryce Brooking

Ripstick – 1st Elizabeth Stringer, 2nd Tristan Shepard, 3rd Francis Nzvengende, 4th Conor Bullock, 5th Kyle Bullock

Scooter – beginner/novice – 1st Jake Todt, 2nd Kayne Chattillon, 3rd Braydon Cutri, 4th Peter Kirby, 5th Tristan Shepherd, 6th Joshua Hall, 7th Nick Nelson, 8th Scott Turner, 9th Travis Nicholas, 10th Conor Bullock, 11th Francis Nzvengende

Get ready for round 8 of the FNWASS (Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series) to take place on the 30th April in Geraldton.