Freestyle Now gets RAdelaide


Last week Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and Dylan Schmidt headed over to Adelaide for some coaching sessions workshops and to appear at the launch of national youth week for the Sammy D Foundation. They were joined by friend and all round top bloke Brad Beven. Here is what Shaun Jarvis had to say about the adventure

Come Wednesday morning I almost missed the flight as I could not get any parking in long term parking, it was a mad rush and only just made it, even left a bag at the x-ray and had to go back to get it. Both Dylan and me got bumped up to business class so we were stoked to have some sumptuousness seating. Once we got to Adelaide we went to Stowaway and said hello to all and then proceeded to Kie Ashworth’s place to stay. That afternoon we got to have a session at the West Beach bowls. Large they are. Thursday was a bit of a chill out and then it was off to pick up Brad and head out to Elizabeth for some coaching sessions. It was good to see the level of ability with a good strong interaction between the youth workers and the skatepark users. Good to see the Elizabeth riders getting involved with some direction for growth for their scene. On Friday we headed out to Christies Downs for an appearance at the Sammy D Foundation event. The event was a low key deal with a chilled out atmosphere for the afternoon. There were many people coming up to talk about bmx and just to hang out and ride some bikes. Not far from there we found a bank at a shopping centre and had a quick session before we headed into Adelaide to ride city park. Really didn’t want to leave that place but food was needed to be sought and Saturday was going to be a large day. Saturday was a full on coaching session at the Salisbury skatepark in the morning followed by a jam session in the afternoon. Well done to locals Daniel and Dulla for getting in there and throwing down, with Dulla taking home a nice new pair of United forks thanks to the guys at Stowaway Distribution. There were a stack of young dudes on scooters who all wanted to have a prize, and a lot of them got to take home some goodies from Mutts scooters. Saturday was a very long day as we had to head to the airport that night to fly back home to Perth. The trip was rad and we got to see a stack of new stuff and got to ride some new parks with some new riders.”


Clockwise from top left – Dylan whips at West beach – Shaun rails at Elizabeth – Dylan likes a Nutella sandwich – Shaun at the Sammy D foundation event – Bank carve by Dylan – Dylan hits the wall/ledge at Salisbury park.