Welcome Andy Fortini


Freestyle Now would like to welcome to the full time squad roster Western Australian rider Andy Fortini.

Andy has been officially on the reserves squad for about a year but due to his ever increasing rad-ability we have had no choice but to bump him up onto the full time squad. Andy was the winner of the first ever seek and win competition that Freestyle Now ran back in February 2010. Mr. Fortini, as his students will refer to him as once he finishes his teaching degree, possess many attributes that Freestyle Now takes pride in show casing. The promotion of bmx is one of these and this is evident with Andy’s two web projects, aliphant and thundercloud which are all about highlighting how much fun bmx is. Andy’s persona will no doubt be an asset to the Freestyle Now squad as we all forge ahead into the untamed future. Below is episode two of the thundercloud web edits that Andy has put together and also serves and a welcome to the squad edit. Be on the lookout for Andy’s profile page on the site very soon. Thanks Andy for being awesome.