Round 8 FNWASS Geraldton


The latest round of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series (FNWASS) took place at the Wanthella skatepark in Geraldton. The bmx, skateboard and scooter competition had a great turn out with a good number of competitors and spectators all in attendance and having a good time. The level of riding in Geraldton is progressing well with a few new faces showing up since the last competition. Some of the Geraldton locals really got into the sprit of the comp and built a wall slap/flatbank for all to hit up. Round 8 was an awesome competition and much fun was had by all. Big thanks to the Geraldton PCYC and to Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Mutts scooters  for product support.

Clockwise from top left – 1st place in skate, Dylan Lancaster – Colin Marsden took 4th in the beginner/novice class with the help of a turndown – Thanks to the 4 skateboard company for the prizes – Jaxon Diss whips up to the local built downramp.

Left – Shay Mortimer out of the bank to board slide ,Right – Brad Bevan was a local up until a few years ago but returned to take 1st place in experts.

Winners are grinners.

Official competition results – Round 8 FNWASS Wonthella   skatepark 30th April

Bmx – beginner/novice – 1st Corey Phillips, 2nd Jessie Maslen, 3rd Lewis Barnetson, 4th Colin Marsden, 5th Jessie Bon, 6th Arnold Mondello, 7th Courtney Bain, 8th Jake Gibson, 9th Aiden Dagnall, 10th Blake Bunter

Bmx – expert/pro – 1st Brad Beven, 2nd Jaxon Diss, 3rd Dylan Carruthers, 4th Dylan McDonald, 5th Daniel McKay

Skate – 1st Dylan Lancaster, 2nd Alastair Drummond, 3rd Lachlan Crear, 4th Marcus Rolfe, 5th Adrian Keene, 6th Shay Mortimer, 7th Taylor Coffin

Scooter – beginner/novice – 1st Jake Brindley, 2nd Angus McKenzie, 3rd Brandon Hauser, 4th Tomas Mallaish, 5th Marcus Rolfe, 6th Jessie Maslen, 7th Braydon Wilkinson, 8th Riley Wilkerson, 9th Jarrod Brindley, 10th Josh Bergsma, 11th Josh Hunt

Scooter – expert – 1st Jaydon McKenzie, 2nd Jon Cahill, 3rd Anthony Knight, 4th Justin Ware