Tim Rose – What’s been going on


Freestyle now squad member Tim Rose seems to have been lying low lately but that’s just because he has been flat out busy living. His latest loving life project has been the rebuild of his Harley that he acquired about 6 months ago. Along with this rebuild Tim seems to have had a rebirth in this riding style, kicking it with the streets. He is what Tim had to say,

Hey all been flat out busy playing around and rebuilding my Harley Davidson. Got it painted matt black and done some exhaust mods which led to it getting yellow stickered for being too “LOUD” haha all in good fun though. Also I’ve had a new lease in riding by taking my brakes off and putting on some pegs. It’s opened up a completely different feeling to riding, learning a bunch of rail stuff this is a whole lot harder than it looks. I’ve been riding with Kie while he has been back in Perth which as you know gets any one hyped. I’m looking forward to some international travel in a few months time and just getting hyped up on BMX .

 Tim sends the over double pegs – photo by Kie Ashworth


You should buy a rail hop from this sales office – photo by Kie Ashworth


Tim and his Harley Davidson – photo by Kie Ashworth


Tim Rose at the ever growing in popularity Atwell wall ride – photo by Kie Ashworth