Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – beach to bush concert


The City of Wanneroo Beach to Bush concert that happened on the 19th of November saw large numbers attending to enjoy a free concert featuring Melbourne based artist Evermore with support from Perth band, Boys Boys Boys. The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad were also in full effect prior to the bands taking the stage, with a stack of other activities going on during the afternoon. The Freestyle Now riders were ripping the tricks out during the shows with a few 360 battles in the mix. Squad members Kie Ashworth, who was fresh back from his America journey, Shaun Jarvis, with his new ride and back from this Queensland trip and David Pinelli, who has been hitting up shows and shredding hard, invited along Laurance Bakewell to round out the four riders for the stunt show performance. Below are some photos from the afternoons show.

David Pinelli has got the raddest dipped 360’s no matter what angle you see them from – photo Jake Coreless

Clockwise from top left – Laurance Bakewell mid 360 whip during the 360 battle – Kie Ashworth turndown back flip – David Pinelli dipping over Shaun Jarvis – Kie Ashworth with some bad ass no foot can can. – photos Jake Coreless

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli tweaking a lookback 360 – Laurance Bakewell bar spins while Shaun Jarvis waits no handed – Double up from Shaun and David – Kie Ashworth flips over Shaun – photos Jake Coreless

Kie Ashworth in superman formation – photo Jake Coreless