Geraldton skatepark competition – Round 13 F.N.W.A.S.S.


The turnout at the Wonthella skatepark in Geraldton for round 13 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series (F.N.W.A.S.S.) was fantastic with great vibes and rad tricks being thrown all over the skatepark. This day was the official launch for the campaign to have the Wonthella skatepark extended. A big thank you to Jill at the PCYC as well as Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Mutts scooters. Rad times had by all.

Flair action at the Wonthella Skatepark

Wonthella skatepark competition – 12th November 2011 – Round 13 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Bmx Beginners – 1st Ben Murray – 2nd Aiden Dagnall – 3rd – Lewis Barnetson – 3rd Korey Phillips – 4th Jake Gibson – 5th Jesse Bor – 6th Courtney Bain – 7th Robert Parker – 8th Logan Stahli – 9th Adam Powell – 10th Ethan Barry

Bmx Expert – 1st Dylan Carruthers – 2nd Jaxon Diss – 3rd Jack Bon – 4th Mitch McCashney – 5th Jesse Maslen

Skateboard Beginners – 1st Alastair Drummond – 2nd Daniel Kellet – 3rd Jushua Bergsma – 4th Bailey Lange

Skateboard Expert – 1st Tom Kannikoski – 2nd Dylan Lancaster – 3rd Samuel Goddard – 4th Lochie Crear – 5th Markus Rolfe – 6th Levi Hellrich – 7th Nathan Simon

Scooter Beginner – 1st Joshua Bersma – 2nd Cody Jones – 3rd Kobi Fawcett – 4th Brandon Clyed – 5th Jarrod Brindley – 6th Ethan Hall – 6th Deedan Tarchini – 7th Liam Dunmow – 8th Braydon Wilkinson – 8th Jaiden Whitby-Taylor – 9th Braiden Husbands – 10th Andrew Ronan

Scooter Expert – 1st Joss Turner – 2nd Justin Ware – 3rd Anthony Knight