Narrogin RevHeads bmx dirt competition


The recent bmx dirt competition that took place at Narrogin RevHeads on the 19th of November saw some gnarly riding go down. The dirt competition was part of the Narrogin RevHeads event, full of cars big and loud, FMX competition, burn out comps and bikini babes. The bmx dirt jumps were put together by Daniel Christianson over a week, that dude need to be given mad props for smashing the jumps together in the way he did. Unfortunately for DC he came a gutsa in a big way and took a compound fracture to his finger, not a pretty sight but like a true champion he is he went to hospital and came back again to watch. With the comp under way to the smell of burnt rubber riders hit the jumps and smashed out some radness. When the dust and rubber smoke had cleared it was Lewis Nolan who took the win. Scope out some of the photos and go build some dirt jumps of your own in preparation for 2012 Revheads.

Narrogin Revheads bmx dirt comp 2011 – Official results

1st Lewis Nolan – 2nd Alex Nolan – 3rd Warren Bowers – 4th Jake Farrell – 5th Chris Jones – 6th Jaymin King – 7th Jacob DeAbrue – 8th Dave Jonker

Chris Jones, cat walk while the burn out smoke rises above – photo Tim Rose

Narrogin RevHeads is all about rubber smoking – photo Tim Rose

Clock wise from top left – Dave Jonker – Jaymin King – Warren Bowers – Jake Farrel – photos Tim Rose