Tuggeranong skatepark bmx skateboard scooter competition


The Tuggeranong skatepark in Canberra had some awesome activity happening on Sunday the 27th November. Freestyle Now headed to the nation’s capital to bring some of the competition action to the locals of the area. In the morning the scooters had their time to shine and bust out. It was a close battle for points in the expert class between Tom Eager and Lachlan Henshaw but it was Lachlan who took out the win, but only just. The skaters has a small jam session go down with some great upcoming skills being showen, congrats to Mikey Philavanh on the win. In the Afternoon the bmx riders took over and it was just flat out total fun. The look on Ben McMillan’s face when he found out he had taken out the win in the beginner class was priceless. He’s a rad dude who has the skill to go afar. In the expert class it was Mike Ross who was punching out some mean stunts and rightly so to as stunts should not be mean so he taught them a good lesson. Arthur Zezz tried to attack the mean stunts but was defeated, only just thou. Team Jack (Gruber & Hillman) brought some good vibes to the comp. Jack 1 and Jack 2, are two fun dudes who are great to hang with and have embraced the fun essence of bmx. A 3rd and 4th respectively to them.

A big thanks to the Tuggeranong youth center for their support. Scrollz Play photography for the photos from the day. We also need to give a shout out to 4 skateboard Co and Mutts scooters for the supply of the products for prizes as well as the bmx hub of Canberra Back Bone Bmx for their support.

Ben McMillan bone out a griz air over the hip – photo Scrollz Play

Left – Mike Ross showed who is boss – Right Jack Hillman whips the spine with a smile on his face – photos Scrollz Play

The bmx riders of Tuggeranong – photo Scrollz Play

Tuggeranong skatepark competition – 27th November – Official results 

Scooter Beginner – 1st Brody Kingston – 2nd Benny Jacob – 3rd Derek Connelly – 4th Callum Thompson – 5th  Joshua Lavnach – 6th Lachlan Breen – 7th Quinten Connelly – 8th Reece Ashton – 9th Declan McInerney – 10th Neitham Nento – 11th Kyle McLeod

Scooter Expert – 1st Lachlan Henshaw – 2nd Tom Eager – 3rd Tallesin St John – 4th Matt Middler

Skateboard – 1st Mikey Philavanh – 2nd Angus Brew – 3rd Aaron Vickery

Bmx Beginner – 1st Ben McMillan – 2nd Sean Crompton – 3rd Jacob Lawless – 4th Harley Langton – 5th Josh Eppelstun – 6th Cullyn Peterson – 7th Liam Kilpatrick – 8th Joel Turner – 9th Toby Lewkowicz – 10th Jake Lewkowicz – 11th Daniel Ivanisevic – 12th Thomas Knight

Bmx Expert – 1st – Mike Ross – 2nd Arthur Zezz – 3rd Jack Gruber – 4th Jack Hillman – 5th Jake Sullivan – 6th  Brock Rasker