Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad – South Perth Australia Day Celebrations


Australia Day in Perth had one of the most bizarre weather patterns that many have seen for a long time. The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad had a big day on this day. In the morning they performed some morning stunt shows in Gosnells before they headed over to the South Perth Australia Day celebrations on the Swan River foreshore. It was hot even in the morning, but more heat was to come, the thermometer maxed out at 42 degrees. Liquid was being consumed at a very rapid rate. With the ramps all set it was time to get the bmx shows rolling. The heat defiantly was a large factor in the low numbers attending the Perth Australia Day celebrations fireworks all around the Swan River.
Although it was so hot that did not slow down the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad performances. A total of 6 shows were performed before nature unleashed its own fireworks. As the sky was getting darker and darker the temperature was still staying at a steady HOT. As time was moving forward the sky was dark from the clouds not from the onset of night. As the fireworks started, so too did natures fireworks. There was lightning going in all directions and rain bucketing down. The temperature did come down some but it remained hot well into the night. Australia Day 2012 most definitely did have the most bizarre weather that Perth has seen in many years.

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt clicking a turndown – Guest rider for the day Brad Mas, nice nac nac – Dylan whips – Dylan flips over the flag. – Photos Jesse James

Clockwise from top left – Guest rider Dave Jonker waves them like he don’t care – Dylan down side whip – Dave Jonker does it for Australia – Dylan and Shaun Jarvis team up for some no handers. – Photos Jesse James

Clockwise from top left – Brad Mas table top 360 – Dylan back flips over Shaun while the flag fly’s as the dark clouds creep in – Dave Jonker gets loose on a 360 – Brad Mas Indian air stretch. – Photos Jesse James

The sky turns black while Dave and Brad hold the flag. Dylan Schmidt superman seat grab.