Round 1 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Kalgoorlie


The sun was shining bright on the afternoon when round 1 in the new series of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series kicked off at the Kalgoorlie skatepark. The skateboard, scooter and bmx competition had a good turnout of competitors from the goldfields area, all willing to partake in a good fun afternoon.
It was great to see Blake Hick who had won the 2011 F.N.W.A.S.S. scooter title had moved up to bmx and  took all of his scooter skills with him. With two of Kalgoorlie heavy hitters away, Corey Smithies and Sam Pearce, the annihilation of the bmx class was left up to Sam’s brother Blake Pearce, it must run in the blood as Blake kicked it large and took the win.
Two French skaters are traveling around Australia and had only just begun their journey in Perth and Kalgoorlie was their first stop. Both Cyril and Jonathon are shredders and good dudes and we wish them a safe expedition around Australia. Young skater Josh Castle has moved up on the skill scale and is now rocking some fresh tricks, it’s good to see. Josh was given the award for bestest duder on the day with a $100 voucher from new local business Karpar House.
As usual all the competitors threw down some great runs during the afternoon, and at the end as the sun was setting prizes were given out thanks to Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Mutts scooters. A big thank you to the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder for supporting the competition.

Clockwise from top left – Blake Pearse whips the hip – Cullen Webber shreds the scoot – Blake Hicks febles the rail – Locky Scroop loves the stairs.


Clockwise from top left – Jason Randell febles the down ledge – French skater Johnathon LeBlank had some good tech skills like this flip fakie in from foot plant – James Hyder bar spin fakie – Cyril Lambolez skate winner, skate shredder

Kalgoorlie skatepark competition – 19th January – Round 1 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Bailey Donlop, 2nd Joshua Dowling, 3rd Rory Brown, 4th Zac Keast, 5th Jayden Keenan, 6th Baily Donnaly, 7th Aidan Yoshi, 8th Aidan Bidings, 9th Zac Clarke, 10th Darcy Atkins, 11th Travis Robinson, 12th Rory Barnett.
Scooter expert – 1st Luke Marocchi, 2nd Ryan Harvey, 3rd Cullen Webber, 4th Jack Aidrick.

Skate beginner – 1st Jayden Pickering, 2nd Lachy Scroop.
Skate expert – 1st Cyril Lambolez, 2nd Johnathon LeBlank, 3rd Connor Devlin, 4th Josh Castle.

Bmx beginner – 1st Kyle Bugeja, 2nd Jarrad Davis.
Bmx expert – 1st Blake Pearce, 2nd James Hyder, 3rd Eathan Gravner, 4th Blake Hicks, 5th Jason Randell, 6th Layne Harper, 7th Joel Schwartz.