EYRES Mandurah Action Sports Games – BMX


You could use many words to describe the bmx competition that went down today at the EYRES Mandurah Action Sports Games but to sum it up easily, it was RAD. Bmx riders spun, whipped, flipped, flaired, chinked, smashed, bashed and literally destroyed trick after trick until there were no more to destroy. The day did belong to Western Australian heavy hitter Todd Meyn, with taking 1st in both the park and mini competition. Mandurah local Jay Wilson did qualify 1st in the park competition but could not hold off Todd in the battle finals. Two riders with completely different riding styles competing against each other was a treat to see. The final three in the mini ramp comp was tight. Laurence Bakewell, Jacob DeAbrue and Todd Meyn all had what it took to take the win and the ever growing crowd was loving the rad riding that these three were throwing down on the mini ramp. A big thanks to EYRES for their major contribution as well as Colony bmx and Stowaway for their support.

Clockwise from top left – Todd Meyn spinning a 720 – Kie Ashworth no hander over the hip – Jay Wilson hit everything on the park – Dylan Schmidt topside no foot can can.

EYRES Mandurah Action Sports Games – 17th March 2012 – Round 4A – BMX – Official results

Park beginner/novice – 1st Michael Brandt, 2nd Alex Zimmer, 3rd Jacob Chandler, 4th Adam Crocke, 5th
Joshua Graham.

Park expert/pro – 1st Todd Meyn – $2000, 2nd Jay Wilson – $1000, 3rd Luke Snelling – $600, 4th Kie Ashworth – $400, 5th Dylan Schmidt – $350, 6th Dwayne Saul – $200, 7th Jacob DeAbrue – $100, 8th Laurence Bakewell – $100, 9th Jaymin King – $100, 10th Alex Nolan – $100, 11th Jamie Mauri, 12th Sam Thomas, 13th Jake Greaves, 14th Ross Scaffidi, 15th Dan Davis, 16th Jake Knowles, 17th Jayden Cornish

Mini ramp expert/pro – 1st Todd Meyn – $2000, 2nd Jacob DeAbrue – $1000, 3rd Laurence Bakewell – $600, 4th Dylan Schmidt – $400, 5th Jake Farrel – $350, 6th Jay Wilson – $200, 7th Alex Nolan – $100, 8th Jaymin King – $100, 9th Ross Scaffidi – $100, 10th Jake Greaves – $100, 11th Jamie Mauri, 12th Jayden Cornish, 13th Dan Davis

Top – Jaymin King mini ramp lookback done proper – Bottom Jamie Mauri some classic table top action.

Top – Todd Meyn can can flair to another win – Bottom Jacob DeAbrue was on game throughout the mini ramp comp.