Round 3 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Margaret River


The Margaret River skatepark was hit by the latest round of the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series on Sunday 11th March. The competition saw a great number of competitors in the skateboard, scooter and BMX classes. The day saw many people travel to the comp from Perth and many other surrounding towns with some riders coming to Margaret River from the end of road trips. It was a hot day but it would be hard to say what was hotter the riding or the weather.

Margaret River skatepark competition – 11th March 2012 – Round 3 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st James Chadwick, 2nd Isacc Jeyes, 3rd Gus Wrightson, 4th Dwight Eckersley, 5th
Adian Baily, 6th Flynn Jackman, 7th Storm Wrightson, 8th Quinn Fletcher
Scooter expert – 1st Nigel Heidt, 2nd Jacob Kestel, 3rd Connor Skane, 4th Sam Sheppard

Skate beginner – 1st Eli Clarke, 2nd Tasman Stanlake, 3rd Liam Demunari, 4th Liam Perich, 5th Thomas Norrish, 6th James Chadwick, 7th Seth Van-Haefton, 8th Quinn Fletcher, 9th Flynn Jackman, 10th
Callum Stevenson, 11th Tom Nielsen.
Skate expert – 1st Jolan Bonell, 2nd Oliver Cable, 3rd Taj Headley, 4th Alex McGuffin, 5th Riley Demunari

Bmx beginner – 1st Fraser Halden, 2nd Jack French, 3rd Harrison Lyle, 4th Kurt Buckley, 5th Dane Fletcher, 6th Brody Cassidy, 7th Liam Beedeison, 8th Sunny Moore, 9th Zac Priest, 10th Blake Haslu.
Bmx expert – 1st Laurance Bakewell, 2nd Dylan Schmidt, 3rd Ross Scaffidi, 4th Taylor Brown, 5th Brad South, 6th Lee Carter, 7th Ryan Linton.

Clockwise from top left – Fraser Halden boosting the hip of his local park – Winner of the scooter expert class Nigel Heidt Xup over the spine – Laurance Bakewell can flair anything – Ryan Linton is an awesome dude and can smash out tricks like this lucky dip – Photos Bryn Weinman