Round 9 – Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Narrogin skatepark


Narrogin is in the south western wheat belt area of Western Australia. It is a medium size country town with a skatepark that is used nonstop by the local shredders. On the 15th April the skatepark came alive with hip hop workshops, dancing performances, live hip hop performances and as well as round 9 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series. With a great turn out of locals to compete the day was awesome. All of this took place thanks to national youth week, Country Arts Network Western Australia and the Town of Narrogin, as well as our supporters Stowaway distribution, 4 skateboard co and Mutts scooters for all the prizes.

Narrogin skatepark competition – 15th April 2012 – Round 9 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Scooter Newbie – 1st Kayne Chattillion, 2nd Rhys Hieght, 3rd Nathan Ugle, 4th Arther Penning, 5th Cailen Narkle, 6th Connor Bullock, 7th Shawn Dawson, 8th Jesse Green, 9th Adrian Cardi, 10th Elijah Coleman, 11th Cayden Cox, 12th Joharnan Bolton

Skate Newbie – 1st Nathan Ruffles, 2nd Clancy Adamson, 3rd Connor Bullock, 4th Christopher Kain

Bmx Newbie – 1st Paul Stevens, 2nd Anthony Thompson, 3rd Gage Chattilion, 4th Kyle Grundy

Bmx Stud – 1st Jamie Racevskis, 2nd Andrew Racevskis, 3rd Michael O’Connell

 Every one is a winner at the Narrogin skatepark, just see how many smiles are in the photo for proof. – Photo Kita Stringer