Who wins, Darwins, every time.


While Freestyle Now was in Darwin for the Palmerston skatepark competition squad member Shaun Jarvis along with all round good guy Billy Brooks spent some time sightseeing and riding. They journeyed out with Local rider Dave Ormie to Litchfield national park to swim at Buley rock hole and to see Florence Falls. Much thanks to Dave for his hospitality. On their last day the two guys went street riding and beach riding, and then trekked off to go dirt jumping with a bunch of the Darwin locals at some private dirt jumps. Darwin is an awesome place to roll to.

Top – Billy smashing it at the bank, Bottom – Shaun riding on the beach, Right – Billy dropping in at Florence Falls.

Shaun and a truck at the bank

Ingvar Newmann is traveling through Australia at the moment, hip no hander out of the dirt bowl.

Clockwise from top left – Billy with some pretzel arms, Local Josh Porter X up style, Dave Ormie lookback, Shaun Jarvis first time on dirt for over 20 years.