Exhibition Wednesday Race Day


Freestyle Now recently attended the Exhibition Wednesday race day held at the Eagle Farm race course in Brisbane to throw down some seriously rad halfpipe shows. It is a public holiday on the Wednesday in Brisbane due to the Ekka (Brisbane show) so why not dress up and head to the races. With about 20000 people attending the Eagle Farm race day there was plenty of people to witness the halfpipe demos that Freestyle Now was hitting up along with music acts Ruby Rose and headliners Bombs Away. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli headed over to Brisbane for the halfpipe shows and invited skaters Pedro Day and Anthony Bull and bmxers Chris Courtenay and Chance Brejnakowski to come along to shred the ramp, get rad and have a blast. To see more photos from the day check our Facebook page and follow this link to the  halfpipe show album

Clockwise from top left – Anthony Bull tail sliding, Chance Brejnakowski handless, Pedro Day hitting the coping hard, Chris Courtenay flairs large.

David Pinelli hates flats but loves to get flat.

Chance Brejnakowski clicks a rad turndown.

Chris Courtenay rotates 180 and goes upside down. It’s called a flip air. Flair.

Pedro Day late afternoon coping fun.

Chris Courtenay no hander in the sun.

David Pinelli in amongst the crowd throws a casual flair for all.

Clockwise from top left – Anthony Bull nose picking, David Pinelli goes high and flat, Pedro Day brushes the trucks across the coping, David and Chris look on as Chance flaps his wings to get more height.