Round 15 – Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Wonthella skatepark


On Sunday the 26th of August 36 competitors transcended on the Wonthella skatepark in Geraldton just over 400kms from Perth to lay down some fat tricks and have a good time. The level of radness is always increasing in the Geraldton scene which is good as well as the number of new participants willing to get involved in such a great activity. The number of spectators at the competition was also good to see, people coming out to support, that’s awesome. Big thanks must go out to the Geraldton PCYC for supporting the competition and to Stowaway distribution, Mutts scooters and 4 skateboard Co for the rad prizes, it was good to see everyone going home with a prize.

Clockwise from top left – Shay Mortimer was hitting the hips large and both ways, this toboggan is his opposite – Joss Turner hit this flair double whip to a great reply from the crowd – Dylan Curruthers is an awesome dude, always down for fun and to get rad. 360 less hands over the hip – Joel Fitzpatrick was skating and creating good to see him getting second place.

 Jaxon Diss got so rad he won the bmx stud class, this whip from the rail ride was proof of some of his radness.

 Top left – Levi Scamporlino hits a 360 bri out of the fly out quarter – Top right – Colin Marsden is progressing so well and getting more powerful with his riding, turn down over the hip – Bottom – the other riders in the stud class look on as Arnold Mondello throws down a super slick flair during his run.

 Wonthella skatepark competition – 26th August 2012 – Round 15 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Scooter Newbie – 1st Shay Mortimer, 2nd Joshua Bergsma, 3rd Jarrod Brindley, 4th Brandon Hauser, 5th Seth Brindley.

Scooter Stud – 1st Joss Turner, 2nd Justin Ware, 3rd Levi Scamporlino, 4th Cody Jones.

Skateboard – 1st Joel Smith, 2nd Joel Fitzpatrick, 3rd John Charles, 4th Alastair Drummond, 5th Jacob Bumbak, 6th Daniel Kellett, 7th Joshua Bergsma, 8th Cody Jones, 9th Locke Jansen, 10th Jack Farrel, 11th Kyle Fawcett.

Bmx Newbie – 1st Korey Phillips, 2nd Shay Mortimer, 3rd Aiden Datnall, 4th Colin Marsden, 5th Cody Jones, 6th Jesse Bon, 7th Zack West, 8th Michael Beven, 9th Jacob Bumbak, 10th Courtney Bain, 11th Jarrod Brindley, 12th Justin Ware.

Bmx Stud – 1st Jaxon Diss, 2nd Arnold Mondello, 3rd Dylan Curruthers, 4th Lewis Barnetson.