Palmerston skatepark competition


Freestyle Now recently was in the Northern Territory to host a skatepark competition in Palmerston as part of the Palmerston festival. The day was hot in both temperature and riding with 57 competitors and great crowd support. The level of skill has most defiantly progressed since last time that Freestyle Now was there only a few months ago, them Northern Territorians know how to get rad.a big thank you to the City of Palmerston for rolling out a super rad day to everyone and to Stowaway distribution, Mutts scooters, 4 skateboard Co and to Spokes NT for the rad prizes, it was good to see everyone going home with a prize.

Clockwise from top left – Gerry Cure took two seconds to throw in this tuck no hander and took two seconds for the day, 2nd in both scooter and bmx – Rick Almeida has heaps of power in his skating and it showed in the competition, stale fish fakie from tranny to bank – Larz Jessop has a cool name and can do cool tricks like this one handed bean plant – Chris Jones recently moved to Darwin from Western Australia and is rippin just the same as always, a 3rd for him in the competition.
For more photos from the day plese check out photographer Andrew Brooks face book page. He did an awesome job in captuing the images from the day. Check this link here

Palmerston skatepark competition – 1st September 2012 – Official results

Scooter Newbies – 1st Joshua Dowling, 2nd Tyrone Anderson, 3rd Victor Bading, 4th Joe Whitmore, 5th Tristan Owen, 6th Raymond Owen, 7th Jeffery Junior, 8th Tyson Gibson, 9th Josh Robinson, 10th Jacob Campbell, 11th Jarrod McIntosh, 12th Matthew Davis, 13th Kie Lay, 14th Max Ingles, 15th Asterix Harland.

Scooter Studs – 1st Riley Page, 2nd Gerry Cure, 3rd Sam Crescentino, 4th Chris Kerneg, 5th Jake Downes, 6th Paul Hutton, 7th Andy Hall, 8th Joshua Cawthan, 9th Brody Hanisbergen, 10th Matthew Goodall.

Skate Newbies – 1st Jesse Evens, 2nd Kade Power, 3rd Braedon Burnett.

Skate Studs – 1st Rick Almeida, 2nd Luke Woodward, 3rd Reece Simounds, 4th Sean Davies, 5th Earth Phothong, 6th Vinh Vu, 7th Geoffrey Wilson, 8th Lewis Chick, 9th Karl Sohl.

BMX Newbies – 1st Rowan Dally, 2nd Gerry Cure, 3rd Luke Osgood, 4th Josh Hunter, 5th Victor Bading, 6th Joshua Cawthan, 7th Tristan Owan, 8th Matthew Rehrmann, 9th Jake Downes, 10th Clancey Brick, 11th Andy Hall, 12th Alex Hughes, 13th Liam Stevens.

BMX Studs – 1st Ingvar Newman, 2nd Reece Rice, 3rd Chris Jones, 4th Larz Jessup, 5th Zack Gleeson, 6th Jason Benny, 7th Shane Masih.