Round 17 – Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Willetton Skatepark


Friday 12th October the Willetton skatepark was host to round 17 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series. As always the competition was jam packed full with a great amount of radness going down at all levels. Big shout out to the City of Canning for supporting the competition as well as our competition supporters Stowaway distribution, Mutts scooters and 4 skateboard Co for the rad prizes.

Willetton skatepark competition – 12th October 2012 – Round 17 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Scooter Newbie – 1st Mitch Anderson, 2nd Cameron Cole, 3rd Tristan McGruddy, 4th Rhys McGruddy, 5th Jayke Tyson, 6th David Lowery, 7th Mark Kelly, 8th Jacob Chalmers, 9th Dion Go, 10th Zachary Whillier, 11th Brae P, 12th Jacob Van Denbery, 13th Seb Defrancesco, 14th Jesse Martin, 15th Alec James, 16th Callym Brandt, 17th Kirwyn Brandt.

Scooter Stud – 1st Jared Colwell, 2nd Kyle Page, 3rd Billy Watts, 4th Sam Koutsoukis, 5th Christian Cole, 6th Daniel Howlett.

Skate Newbie – 1st Riley Moriarty, 2nd Ethan Donath, 3rd Jordan Pigg.

Skate Stud – 1st Alec Stook, 2nd Mason Brown, 3rd Matt Doyle, 4th Ayden Kennedy.

Bmx Newbie – 1st Koen Fowler, 2nd Luke, 3rd Rhys McGruddy, 4th Jayke Tyson.