Round 18 – Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Kalgoorlie Skatepark


Sunday the 14th of October saw another round of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series and the last competition to take place at the Kalgoorlie Skatepark before it goes under a major renovation. Once the park is finished it will be close to the largest in Western Australia. Kalgoorlie has got a great bmx scene with some really good talented riders. The competition saw some amazing riding but the stand out would have to be young Josh Castle who is forever being empowered by skating and progressing well. A big thankyou to the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder as well as competition supporters Stowaway distribution, Mutts scooters and 4 skateboard Co for the rad prizes.

Clockwise from top left – Dean Bidgood took some time off his bike to let his jaw heal, still as rad as ever – Matthew Vaia has come from the east coast to work in Kalgoorlie, he snapped his cranks just before the competition was due to start, look back on a borrowed bike – Blake Pearce down whips the hip – Lachy Scroop is a rad kid and love to skate, gap over grind box to flat.

Kalgoorlie skatepark competition – 14th October 2012 – Round 18 F.N.W.A.S.S. – Official results

Scooter Newbie – 1st Cullen Webber, 2nd Jesse Lewis, 3rd Aiden Ridings, 4th Jake Griffths, 5th Aaren Alabach, 6th Jonathan Skarkey.

Skate Newbie – 1st Josh Castle, 2nd Lewis Inglis, 3rd Reilly Fowler, 4th Lachy Scroop

Bmx Newbie – 1st Bailey Young, 2nd Tate Gallagher, 3rd Cooper Punzich, 4th Jacob Anthony

Bmx Stud – 1st Josh De Reus, 2nd Corey Smithies, 3rd Sam Pearce, 4th Blake Pearce, 5th Luke Barnewall, 6th Dean Bidgood, 7th Matthew Vaia, 8th Tyrone Drummond, 9th Blake Hicks