Tuggeranong skatepark competition – Summer shredding


Freestyle Now recently hosted a skatepark competition in the nation’s capital in Canberra. The competition was part of the Tuggeranong festival and there was a good attendance during the day from many spectators.  The competition encompassed all aspects of skatepark activity with the scooter competition taking place in the morning, skateboard jam in the afternoon and the bmx competition finishing up the day in the late afternoon. It was super windy on the day but it did not seem to deter the competitors from hitting all the rad lines and throwing down some rad tricks. A big thank you must go out to Rebecca at communities at work for her support as well as Mutts scooters, 4 skateboard Co and Backbone bmx

Backbone bmx rider Mike Ross hitting it hard with a super whip. Mike rode like a possessed man, super dialed and clean on all tricks

Tuggeranong skatepark competition – 1st December 2012 – Official results

Scooter Newbie – 1st Jayden Poidevin, 2nd Connor Manns, 3rd Dane Freimanis, 4th Alec Corker, 5th Alex Gutierrez, 6th James Demester, 7th Joahua Gutierrez, 8th Paul Genders, 9th Josh Larnach, 10th Lachlan Keogh,11th Felipe Castillo  

Scooter Stud – 1st Liam Sharman, 2nd Taliesin St John, 3rd Tom Eager, 4th Matt Middler, 5th Mark Featherstone, 6th Jesse Cox

Skate Newbie – 1st Angus Brew, 2nd Ellis Williams, 3rd James Demester.

Bmx Newbie – 1st Josh Eppelstun, 2nd Ben McMillan, 3rd Sean Crompton, 4th Charlie Hillman, 5th Joshua Harris, 6th Jack Costigan, 7th Tom Bitmead, 8th Harley Langton, 9th Ethan Aquilina, 10th Shaun Thompson, 11th Alan Crimmins.                                                  

Bmx Stud – 1st Mike Ross, 2nd Beau Raddatz, 3rd Jack Gruber, 4th Jack Hillman, 5th Arthur Birbilopoulos, 6th Troy Harradine, 7th Daniel Smith, 8th Bailey Harradine.

Clockwise from top left – Tom Eager was holding back during the comp due to a sore ankle, he still pumped out some of his radness though – Taliesin StJohn taking out the 2nd spot with tricks like this clean flair – Liam Sharman was focused and dialed in the scooter stud class a 1st place for his efforts, finger whipping – Ellis Williams launching down to flat.

Clockwise from top left – Angus Brew skating the hip – Arthur Birbilopoulos has style and ability to clock some great turndowns – Jack Gruber is progressing fast, learning tricks like oppo whips over hips – Beau Raddatz is a madman, super high boost over the volcano, at one stage he did three tuck no handers over the jumpbox, three all in the same jump.

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