Eyres action sports games Mandurah – BMX


Saturday 16th of March was a day that was well and truly full of nothing but full on radness. The Eyres Action Sports Games Mandurah hosted the Pro bmx competition at the Mambo skatepark. The crowds were out in full force to witness some of the best bmx riding this side of the universe. With some riders traveling from the east coast to attend the event. With this being the third year the competition is defiantly building. The bmx competition consisted of skatepark and a halfpipe competition. The skatepark competition was intense. During practice Brazilian rider Luiz Paulo dislocated one of his toes, after having it pulled back into place he was ready to compete, although his toe was all good and back in place the injury was causing him some pain. In the qualifying rounds it was hard to pick the top 6 for the semi finals, everyone was riding so good.  With the qualifying rounds done the top 6 consisted of Jay Wilson, Dom Williams, Warren Bowers, Jacob DeAbrue, Dylan Schmidt and qualifying in 1st place was Alex Nolan. The semis consisted of two runs for each competitor. Half way through his first run Dylan Schmidt snapped his chain and face planted as he was pedaling to the jump box. Time out was called and upon fixing his chain, finished his run. Going into the finals the top three were, Dylan, Alex and Dom. The pressure was on and it was Dylan Schmidt who took out the win and $2000. Consistency with difficult tricks and a total of 291 points from the 3 judges. Dom Williams took the second and $1000 with only a few points behind Dylan at 288 points. Alex Nolan took home $700 for his 3rd place.

Dylan Schmidt – Tuck nohander over the hip on his way to a 1st place in the bmx park competition.

Clockwise from top left – Jay Wilson has been riding the Mandurah skatepark for about 10 years, its his local, double pegs down the large round rail – Nathan Philps getting loose over the hip – Dom Williams was hitting these perfect decade jumps in every run – Luiz Paulo lawnmower on the coping.

Clockwise from top left – Nathan Philps took out a well earned 4th place in the halfpipe battle jam – Dean Anderson was riding with a severely bruised heel during the competition, his frontflip attempt in the park competition went a bit wrong and resulted in him landing right on his behind, he was hurting but put in a great effort during the halfpipe battle – Dylan Schmidt was doing some large superman whips during the jam – Warren Bowers getting his flair fix on.

After the skatepark finals it was time to move into the halfpipe battle jam. For 90 minutes the halfpipe was attacked by 10 riders all wanting to take the 1st place and $2000. The judging format was quite simple. It was based on the rad factor. The radder the riders got the longer they stayed in the battle. Slowly riders were being dropped out until there was the top 4. Dylan Schmidt, Dave McComb, Nathan Philps and Dom Williams. This was an intense jam any one of the riders could have been the winner but one of the riders was going to drop out. All the riders were smashing it but it was Nathan Philps from Brisbane who just missed out. Dylan Schmidt was on top going into the last battle of the top three. Many were sure that he was going to take the double win. But Dom Williams and Melbourne rider Dave McComb thought otherwise. Both of these riders uped the radness fector. After the last battle jam it was going to be a close call. The judge’s decision was final. It was a close call between Dave and Dom, very close but Dom Williams just managed to take the win with Dave McComb in 2nd with Dylan Schmidt taking 3rd. A big thank you to Eyres Optics, Mambo as well as all the athletes and the crowds. Can’t wait for 2014.

Dom Williams took the win in the halfpipe battle jam and the $2000.  With his 2nd place and $1000 in park, it was a $3000 weekend for Dom.

Jacob DeAbreu, a halfpipe, twilight, a flair and the crowds

BMX halfpipe top 3 with CEO of Eyres optics and some guy from Freestyle Now photo bombing

Eyres action sports games Mandurah – 16th March 2013 – Official results

BMX Park competition – 1st – Dylan Schmidt $2000 – 2nd Dom Williams $1000 – 3rd Alex Nolan $700 – 4th Warren Bowers $400 – 5th Jacob DeAbreu $300 – 6th Jay Wilson $200 – 7th Laurence Bakewell $100 – 8th Nathan Philps $100 – 9th Dave McComb $100 – 10th Greg Lamond $100 – 11th Brady Thomas – 11th Luiz Paulo – 11th Conner Riley – 14th Ross Scaffidi – 15th Dean Anderson.

BMX Halfpipe competition – 1st – Dom Williams $2000 – 2nd Dave McComb $1000 – 3rd Dylan Schmidt $700 – 4th Nathan Philps $400 – 5th Laurence Bakewell $300 – 6th Jacob DeAbreu $200 – 7th Warren Bowers $100 – 8th Dean Anderson $100 – 9th Jay Wilson $100 – 10th Ross Scaffidi $100

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