Eyres Action Sports Games Mandurah – Skateboard


On Sunday 17th of March Mandurah was the place of excitement as day two of the Eyres Action Sports Games took place. Hosting one of the stops of the International Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup the Eyres Action Sports games is also held in conjunction with the Mandurah crabfest.  Saturday was big with the bmx pro competition going down and now with Sunday morning rolling around the Pro skateboard competition was set to start. With $10000 up for prize money thanks to Eyres Optics it was a tough competition at the Mambo skatepark. In the qualifying rounds the standouts were Issa Hassa, Harry Clark, Brad McDermott, Kieran Reilly, Jake Duncombe and Mathew Gresham all of whom made it through to the semi finals. Barry Mansfeild was looking like he was having so trouble with the early morning start,  but it was good to see Conner Harrington moving really well and nailing some good tricks. Issa Hassa had some good original lines and tricks while the 3 east coast riders Brad McDermott, Kieran Reilly, Jake Duncombe loved the big down rails at the Mandurah Park. After the semi finals the top 3 into the finals were Jake Duncombe, Harry Clark and Kieran Reilly. In the finals it was easy to see the Jake and Harry had stepped it up a notch and were kicking it. The 5 minute jam was over and with only 7 points between them it was Harry Clark who took the win and $2000 over Jake Duncombe for second and $1000 with Kieran Reilly taking home $700 and third place.  

Jake Duncombe travelled from the east coast and took home $3000, this mad hip jump helped him on his way.

Clockwise from top left – Harry Clark was on fire during the finals of the park competition – Kieran Reilly smashed out this over to nose slide in the last stages of the finals – Brad McDermott loved the down rail – Jake Duncombe locked in.

After the skatepark finals it was time to move over to the halfpipe for the skateboard halfpipe battle jam. With 13 skaters taking on the challenge only one would come out with the win and $2000. The format was simple, skate, skate good, keep on skating good and your staying in the jam. The bottom few skaters were hard to pick and drop out as they were all skating on a fairly good level but going into the top 8 it got harder. Kieran Reilly who was skating with no shoes got dropped out at 7th, when asked why no shoes his reply was it was just to dam hot to skate in shoes. Paul Bruno got dropped out at 6th place but it was a tough decision. He took a heavy slam with the board corking his calf muscle and had him sidelined for 5 minutes, this no doubt took his rad factor down a notch. Brendan Cross had some good moves but it was not enough to keep him in and a 5th place. Pasquale Lovine was having a great day, he had been skating the ramp all morning and into the afternoon so come time for the jam he was ready. His big fakie frontside grabs were rocking hard but not hard enough to keep him in the top 3, 4th place and $400. The top three were easy to pick for their final placing. Local Mandurah skater Joel Pond couldn’t believe he was still in the game. With the judges making him for removal from the jam very early in the battle he stepped it up each time he was rolling the transitions. But two more guys were skating better so a well earnd 3rd and $700 for Joel. Harry Clark was ripping the ramp up but it was Jake Duncombe who had the goods. Stalls, grinds, high airs and a boosting fakie kickflip all helped Jake secure the win and take home the $2000 prize money.
The Sundays competition went off really well with some great crowds gathering for the halfpipe jam. Many people were exposed to some of Australia’s best skating. A big thank you to Mambo as well as Eyres Optics for their sponsorship.

 Jake Duncombe was boosting the highest droning the halfpipe jam. This flips to fakie was the pinnacle of his halfpipe runs.

Clockwise from top left – Jake Duncombe boosting – Harry Clark sweeping to tail, he was in great form for his 2nd place in the halfpipe jam – Pasquale Lovine nailed this super high fakie with heaps of appreciation from his peers – Joel Pond was so stoked to get 3rd place, he stepped up his game during the battle jam. 

Eyres action sports games Mandurah – 17th March 2013 – Official results – Skateboard Pro competition

Skateboard Park competition – 1st Harry Clark $2000 – 2nd Jake Duncombe $1000 – 3rd Kieran Reilly $700 – 4th Brad McDermott $400 – 5th Issa Hassa $300 – 6th Mathew Gresham $200 – 7th Conner Harrington $100 – 8th Paul Bruno $100 – 8th Barry Mansfield $100 – 10th Nathan Givmelli $100 – 11th Lewis Franich – 12th Joel Pond – 12th Jamie Pratton – 14th Rob Yandle – 15th Darby Garrett – 15th Craig Mally. 

Skateboard Hlfpipe competition – 1st Jake Duncombe $2000 – 2nd Harry Clark $1000 – 3rd Joel Pond $700 – 4th Pasquale Lovine $400 – 5th Brendan Cross $300 – 6th Paul Bruno $200 – 7th Kieran Reilly $100 – 8th Connor Harrington $100 – 9th Issa Hassa $100 – 10th Sam Gunthorpe $100 – 11th Ginge Harding – 12th Jack Lydon – 13th Craig Mally

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