Geraldton skatepark competition – Round 7 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark


The Wanthella skatepark in Geraldton hosted round 7 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series. There was a great turn out for competitors in the skateboard, scooter and bmx classes. The competition is supported by the Geraldton PCYC and our supporters, Stowaway distribution, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co.

Clockwise from top left – Joel Smith was hitting it hard – Anthony Knight has some mad skills, deck grab – Jaxon Diss mid double whip – Arnold Mondello was ally-ooping the hip both ways.

Geraldton skatepark competition – 14th April – Round 7 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginners – 1st Jarred Brindley, 2nd Keir Waterhouse, 3rd Bokaing Johnson, 4th Jake Whitby, 5th Aiden Colley, 6th Harry Thorn, 7th Denzel Allan, 8th Owen Dunstone, 9th Jack Dalton, 10th Seth Brindley.

Scooter advanced – 1st Anthony Knight, 2nd Justin Ware, 3rd Joshua Bergsma.

Skateboard – 1st Joel Smith, 2nd Joel Fitzpatrick, 3rd Joshua Bergsma, 4th Andrew Wilson, 5th Daniel Kellett, 6th Dempsey Brett.

Bmx beginner – 1st Courtney Bain, 2nd Harry McLean, 3rd Jacob Bumbak, 4th Mitchell Carter, 5th Zack West.

Bmx advanced – 1st Korey Phillips, 2nd Jack Bon, 3rd Arnold Mondello, 4th Jaxon Diss, 5th Aiden Dagnall.

Check out more photos from the competition on the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series facebook page here.