International Scooter Association – Perth competition


On Saturday the 20th of April the Bayswater skatepark was the location of the International Scooter Association Perth round of the World Series competition. The turnout was awesome with heaps of spectators all coming out to see some of the best riders in Perth and from around Australia. With over 40 competitors the afternoon was full on. A great beginner’s class went first with many of the young riders nervous, but it was a super stoked William Cathcart who took the win. The intermediate class was full. The top five went into the finals. It was a hard final to compete in as all five could have taken the win but it was Kieran Blanchard who was just on form enough to take the win. Freestyle Now reserves squad member Hudson Goodchild took out the 4th place. The Pro class were competing for a prize purse of $750. Perth riders Billy Watts and Adam Stewart were on fire all day.Billy was punching out the highest air on the day reaching at least 6ft out even doing triple bars, Adam was super tech and hit up a 6 whip over the box. The top five were heading to the finals. It was close between Billy and Adam, either of them could take the win. It was Billy Watts who took home $400 for the first while 2nd Adam Stewart took home $200 for his well earned 2nd and $100 for 3rd went to another Perth rider Jarad Colwell. 4th place and $50 was taken out by Melbourne rider David Olsen, while Perth rider Ben Thomas took out the 5th spot. Billy Watts not only took out the win but also secured himself a place in the world finals in England taking place in August.
The contest would not have anywhere near as awesome had it not been for the great support from Broden Skate, Sacrifice scooters, Madd Gear, Crisp, Apex Pro, Grit, and Envy Scooters. Check out the below edit from the competition thanks to Alex Hayward.

International Scooter Association – 20th April 2013 – Perth competition – Official Results

1st William Cathcart, 2nd Aden Lillas, 3rd Jacob VanDenberg, 4th Tommy Morley, 5th David Lowery, 6th Mark Kelly, 7th Calymn Brandt, 8th Damon Smith, 9th Daniel Morgan, 10th Jake Erwin, 10th Brody Groth, 12th Jarrad Montgomery, 13th Aiden Baker, 14th Liam White, 15th Jacob Cooper, 16th Jonty Grainger, 17th Theo McCracan.

1st Kieran Blanchard, 2nd Jiordan Giacoppo, 3rd Ethan Cleverly, 4th Hudson Goodchild, 5th Jack Hoye, 6th Thomas Dawson, 7th Josh Sharp, 8th Corey Amato, 9th Brandon Woods, 10th Luke Marocchi, 10th Glen Preston, 12th Jae Yates, 13th Corey
Sketcher, 14th Daniel Howlett, 15th Divan DeKlerk, 16th Tristan Lewis.

1st Billy Watts, 2nd Adam Stewart, 3rd Jarad Colwell, 4th David Olsen, 5th Ben Thomas, 6th Tyler Marinovic, 7th Hayden Penglase, 8th Kal Chandler, 9th Alex Elston, 9th Cody Richardson.