Broome North West Expo bmx stunt shows


At the beginning of May Freestyle Now had the pleasure of travelling to Broome to attend Australia’s North West expo to perform some great bmx stunt shows. Freestyle Now squad members Kie Ashworth, Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt as well as reserves squad member Laurence Bakewell made the journey, all were ready to throw down some of the radness that Freestyle Now hits at all of the stunt shows. The crowds at the expo were not disappointed.
On the Friday the squad members hosted a skatepark coaching session at the Broome skatepark. It was a long day for all as it was super hot, in the top 30’s, but the participants of the day really got a lot out of the sessions. Many young people in the town were buzzing after the day as they all had learnt some new skills. Later in the afternoon it was time to hit the famous Cable Beach for some swimming. The beach in Broome is so good.

The beach in Broome is so good and the sunsets fantastic.

These four guys left to right Kie Ashworth, Shaun Jarvis, Laurence Bakewell, and Dylan Schmidt.

As the Saturday rolled around it was set up and get on with the job of entertaining the crowds. Again it was super hot about 37 degrees. The squad got down to business and laid down some great performances and the crowds reacted with some noise and after each of the shows was a large poster signing session. As Saturday drew to a close and the shows were done it was time to hit the beach once again and get ready to do it all over again. As sunrise came on Sunday morning it was hot at 9am for the first show. The temperature only went up from there. The Freestyle Now stunt squad again hit all the right moves and put on a great performance of some amazing stunts. With the close of the day the pack up was hard, after 6 shows in the heat of Broome the riders were all feeling it, but as the last bits were packed and done the beach and sunset was calling.

Kie Ashworth clicks a super clean 360 turndown.

Clockwise from top left – Laurence Bakewell at the Broome skatepark during the afternoon coaching sessions – Shaun Jarvis, no handed swivel at sunset – Poster signing time after the shows – Dylan boosting over Shaun.

As Monday came it was time to take in some well earned rest and relaxation. And when in Broome the only place to do that is at the beach. The guys also visited many of the sights around the town. The squad had a blast in Broome and met stacks of new people. Freestyle Now would like to thank the North West Expo, the Billi for the great accommodation, could not have asked for anything better, Broome Broome car hire as well as all the people who came to the coaching sessions and the shows. We hope to be back again in 2014.

Dylan Schmidt was throwing down super whips like this all weekend in every show. He had this to say about the time up in Broome. “It was a great experience and good times we had, but it’s also so good to travel around Australia with some real close mates! The weather was crazy, 39 degree heat, but still got to throw down in the demos for the hundreds that were in the crowd watching. The trip was mad”

Clockwise from top left – Dylan super whip – Kie tuck no hander – Laurence get his flip on – Is Dylan superman.

Clockwise from top left – Dylan tail whip at height – Laurence mid double tail whip – Dylan 360 tail whip – Kie no foot can can.

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