Mount Isa Mega Day Out 2013


On the 27th April the City of Mt Isa hosted the Mt Isa Mega Day Out. It is a day of activity for the youth of the city all centered around the skatepark. The main part of the day is the skatepark competition which takes place in the morning. Freestyle Now once again headed to Mt Isa to manage the skateboard, scooter and bmx skatepark competition. the day of competition was great with some good scooter competitors rolling large. Lawerence Moore has been improving no end over the last few years and it showed when he took the win in the scooter advanced class. Coming all the way from Cloncurry, 120kms to the west was Ed Stegman. Ed shredded the park to bits and considering the park in Cloncurry is well below anything remotely good it shows he has some good skills. A first place in the skateboard class. A few years ago Ricky Peel was killing it on a scooter and now he has made the transition to ride BMX. Taking on the quarter to quarter gap with a flip is no easy task but Ricky has it dialed. A first place to Ricky for the 2013 mega day out.
A bit thank you to councilor Jean Ferris for her ongoing support for the youth of Mt Isa, Margaret Diamond for organizing Freestyle Now to be in Mt Isa and also to City of Mt Isa and our supporters Stowaway distribution, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co.

Left – Ricky Peel Flips the gap – Right – Ian Barry slapy grind , More photos can be found on our facebook page here.

Mt Isa Mega day Out – 27th April 2013 – Official results

Scooter beginners – 1st Liam Ward, 2nd Jared Elborne, 3rd Kane Hales, 4th Jack Clancy, 5th Rohan Richters, 6th Clay Schafer, 7th Cameron Richters.

Scooter advanced – 1st Lawerence Moore, 2nd Ian Barry, 3rd Jakai Greenwood, 4th Harry Campbell, 5th Gerald Egan.

Skateboard – 1st Ed Stegman, 2nd Cody McMillian, 3rd Jarred Ackerley, 4th Edwin Nel, 5th Justin Sealy, Owen Cliff

Bmx – 1st Ricky Peel, 2nd Lachlan Stewart, 3rd Matthew Reid, 4th Lawerence Moore, 5th Harry Campbell, 6th Conner Shepherd.