Port Bound youth festival 2013


At the beginning of April Freestyle Now squad members Dylan Schmidt, Tim Rose, Shaun Jarvis and Kie Ashworth headed to the northwest of Australia. Port Hedland was the first stop to host a skatepark coaching session and to perform some bmx stunt shows at the Port Bound youth festival. On the Friday the squad was at the South Hedland skatepark for come coaching sessions with the locals. The Saturday was show time at the festival with some great entertainment going down throughout the day. The Port Bound festival is always a great day out for many, and this year the festival was packed. It was a bit slow to start with, but that is to be expected due to the overwhelming heat of the day. Later in the afternoon it picked up with one of the best turnout the festival has seen. On the Sunday the squad drove over to Karratha to host a skatepark competition. On the Monday it was time to return to home but not before hitting up some of the Karratha locals dirt jumps. Shaun Jarvis had this to say about the trip. “The 4 days seemed like a week. We did so much it was straight up another amazing trip. So good to travel with a great crew, it was fun and we had an amazing time. Being on the road getting out there and meeting new people is the best. Travelling with this crew is great, couldn’t ask for a better lot of guys to be travelling with and performing shows. Good times forever”

Tim Rose is wild on a bike.

Clockwise from top left – South Hedland skatepark will be rebuilt soon with a new park going up. Dylan Schmidt mad flair – Tim Rose in flyout nothing mode – Shaun Jarvis style – Kie Ashworth looks while tooth picking

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt – Tim Rose – Kie Ashworth – Tim Rose – Port Bound festival stunt shows.

Dylan Schmidt hits an extended superman at the final show at the Port Bound festival. The crowd was loud as the night is dark. Headlights lighting up the up ramp.

From left the crew, Kie, Dylan, Shaun and Tim.

Kie Ashworth has a photo blog, The Nurries Life. These photos have been taken from the blog. Clockwise from top left – Kie barspin at the pipe – Kie at the Karratha trails – Dylan whips second jump in Karratha – Tim’s nac nac are rad.

Kie Ashworth no foot can can, he has the best.

Tim Rose can flow anything, and these trails in Karratha were no exception.