Rocky’s Skate Scoot and Bike Series competition – Round 10 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


The City of Rockingham has a few skateparks within its boundaries, and over the past 12 months these skateparks have hosted competitions for skateboard, scooter and bmx competitors. The culmination of these past 5 competitions was the Rocky’s Skate Scoot and Bike Series competition finals. All of these competitions are part of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series as well. This was a rad competition. To be able to enter, competitors had to have placed in the top 3 in the advanced class at any of the past 5 competitions, or have been picked as a wild card entry. Wildcard entries were picked from previous competitions surrounding the Rockingham area.
To make this competition unique Freestyle Now set up the mobile skatepark at the Dixon road location. With a 5am wakeup call and a 6am start the park was set by 10am. There was something for all in the setup with rails, ledges, banks, transitions, jumps and transfers.
There were a few competitors who pulled out at the last minute due to either not knowing how to ride such a unique set up or from getting hurt in practice. With $9000 up for grabs thanks to the City of Rockingham it was going to be a banger of a comp.
This competition is scheduled to happen again in 2014. To secure your invite make sure you hit up one of the skatepark competition taking place in the City of Rockingham. Information on these competitions will be posted on our coming events page very soon.
More photos from the day can be found at our facebook page.

Local shredder Todd Jamieson took out the win in scooters and went home $1500 richer.

Clockwise from top left – Morgan Avery with some rail action. – Brandon Woods and some major flair action. – Daniel Howlett rode the park better than most, he saw the lines and transfers and hit them well, but did not hit as many difficult tricks as the top 3. A well deserved 4th place. – Elijah Masoet qualified in 3rd place, but in the finals did not throw down as well as he did in the qualifiers, 5th place. Backward deckgrind.

Jiordan Giacoppo was hitting the box during the comp and smashing out some insane tricks, his time in Melbourne had defiantly helped him improve. Deck grab bar twist on his way to a 2nd place and $1000.

Clockwise from top left – Joel Pond skated really good during the comp, as a wildcard entry he took out the $1500 first place, mixing it up on the park with good lines and banger tricks. 5050 on the rail. – Zac Clinkers took home $500, this frontside smith was only the tip of his skills he threw down, 3rd place. – Ethan Donatti is a champion. The young 11 year old got an entry into the comp and proceeded to have some fun. Blunt stall on the flipper kicker.

 Jamie Pratten from Mandurah smashed out some good moves over the jump box, backside grab.

 Local guy done good, Luke Snelling lets loose with a one footed flattie. Luke qualified in first place and stayed there during the finals. His last run was perfect, full of lines and transfers, hitting all of the ramps and rails with pure Luke style. He took home $1500 thanks to the City of Rockingham for his first place win.

Clockwise from top left – Taylor Brown is a rad dude, always down for fun and you never know what he will do. A gap to flat left him with a trashed wheel, ripping the spokes out and making the wheel into an oval. Toboggan over the box helping him to 5th place. – Greg Lamond toothy hang. Greg was surprised on his 3rd place and $500 winnings. He cracked his frame on his last trick when he 360’d the same gap that Taylor Brown did so his winning will be well spent. – Dylan Schmidt threw down some mad whips and double whips but a few crashes and missed tricks kept him out of the finals. Some days you bite the bear and some days the bear bites you. On this day Dylan had some bear teeth marks. – The big banger of the day was when Dom Williams did his best Steve McQueen impersonation from the Great Escape. In the finals he whipped from the jump box landing over the hipped quarter to flat, in his first run he did it kinda ok but in his second run he slipped his foot and ended up doing his ankle some breakage. He then proceeded to crank at the flatbank and leave the park.

Dom Williams shredded hard at the competition. He was pushing the boundaries of radness. 2nd place and $1000 richer. Decade over the box jump. 

Rocky’s Skate Scoot and Bike Series competition – 2nd June 2013 – Round 10 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results.

Scooter Advanced – 1st Todd Jamieson $1500, 2nd Jiordan Giacoppo $1000, 3rd Corey Amato $500, 4th Daniel Howlett, 5th Elijah Masoet, 6th Hudson Goodchild, 7th Jesse Gyurka, 8th Morgan Avery, 9th Brandon Woods, 10th Bryson Mazuvak, 11th Aden Lillas.

Skate Advanced – 1st Joel Pond $1500, 2nd Daine Brown $1000, 3rd Zac Clinkers $500, 4th Glenn Moeton, 5th Jamie Pratten, 6th Ethan Donatti.

Bmx Advanced – 1st Luke Snelling $1500, 2nd Dom Williams $1000, 3rd Greg Lamond $500, 4th Jacob DeAbreu, 5th Taylor Brown, 6th Jake Greaves, 7th Dylan Schmidt, 7th Luiz Gallon, 9th Ross Scaffidi.