Sacred Heart School halfpipe stunt show


Freestyle Now was invited to attend the Sacred Heart School Fete in Booval Queensland to throw down some rad halfpipe stunt shows. We invited along Pedro Day to hit up some skating and Tama Tuki to throw down on scooter. We also invited Chris Courtenay to ride bmx in the show with Freestyle Now squad members David Pinelli who had come to Queensland with Shaun Jarvis. The stunt shows were rad. The crowds at the school fete really got into the action and the day went off well. You can see more photos from the day at our Facebook page here.

Sacred heart school show 2013 - Chris CourtenayChris Courtenay sends a barspin at height

Sacred heart school halfpipe stunt show 2013

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli with a big nohander, Tuma Tuki mid buttercup, Chris Courtenay sending a flair, Pedro Day with a fakie.