Tim Rose update


Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose is currently in America with his Fiancé Ashley and they are getting set for their wedding this weekend. Yes Tim Rose is getting married! Tim is lucky enough to be staying at Ashley’s family home only a few blocks away from the famous Catty Woods trails. Tim has been riding there almost every day and trekking all about some east coast spots. Some of his friends have made the trip over to America for their wedding. Here is what Tim has to say.

Tim Rose Catty woods June 2013

Catty Woods are a legendary location. Tim railing the berm, and you know he is going fast.

“Hey all, everything is going so awesome over here. I’ve been in the states for about 6 weeks now and having an amazing time, it’s the trails season over here so helping the guys at Catty Woods and Posh dial in some of the runs has been a sweet experience. Hats off to the guys who build and maintain at those two places, they have done a ridiculous job. Have been riding every single day over here and have gotten the chance to meet and ride with some really good guys. Was able to catch up with Mike and Jacky Lee while they were in New York so it was good to see some familiar faces on the other side of the world. Ben Roberts flew in last week, being able to show him around and ride bmx together in a different country is crazy. Kie Ashworth, Luke and Jake have just arrived so it was good to go out and party with them.
The other week I was lucky enough to meet Derek Adams from LittleDevil brand, he invited us down his way to ride his local trails and session his backyard. We had a killer day, the trails were so fun. Hip and transfer lines everywhere with a big vert wall at the end. Derek’s yard is a wild set up with trails spines and dirt quarters also leading into a vert wall on the back of his garage. Derek is an absolute legend one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet so BIG thank you to him for another amazing day of riding BMX.
Everything is going really well over here and to top it all off my Girl has finally graduated uni and we’ll be tying the knot in less than 1 week. Looking forward to when my family to get over here to celebrate!!! I will keep ya posted with my happenings, Peace” 

Tim Rose FDR June 2013

Tim Rose took the trip down to FDR again and took along Ben Roberts. Such a lucky experience to have had. As normal Tim shredded the place.

Tim Rose Derick Adams backyard trails june 2013

Derek Adams has an amazing back yard. Tim putting the air space to good use, getting flat.

Tim Rose America trip june 2013

Tim flowing the Catty Woods trails. The wall ride on the back of Derek Adams house, the trails lead into this. Tim and friends, Jake Corles, Kie Ashworh and Luke Snelling.

Tim Rose Little Devil bowl june 2013

Tim was able to ride the LittleDevil bowl, not too many have that opportunity.