Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Kellerberrin Agricultural show


Kellerberrin is a small town about 200kms east of Perth. Recently they had their annual agricultural show and the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad were there on the day to perform some bmx stunt shows. Kie Ashworth had returned from his travels and took no time to get into the swing of the shows, along with David Pinelli and Shaun Jarvis they were also joined by reserve squad member Laurence Bakewell. The four riders put on an entertaining bmx stunt show for Kellerberrin and they were not disappointed. Some great riding went down, Laurence Bakewell seemed to be on fire during the show and pushed out some new tricks not done in shows before, even landing a 360 backflip of the two foot high flipper kicker. The Kellerberrin Show crowds were stoked.

Kellerberrin bmx stunt shows 2013 1

David Pinelli and Laurence Bakewell get their timing down perfect for this double flip.

Kellerberrin bmx stunt shows 2013 3

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli 360 lookback – Kie Ashworth 360 turndown, these two guys were getting their 360 rad on during the shows – Laurence Bakewell throwing in some new tricks into the show like this decade – Kie Ashworth flips over Shaun Jarvis while David get set to do the same.

Kellerberrin bmx stunt shows 2013 2

Clockwise from top left – Laurence mid 360 backflip of the flipper kicker – David Pinelli massive 360 tuck no hander – David with is signature dipped bombed 360 – Kie and Shaun assaulting the ramp in unison.