Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Northam Agricultural show


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad was recently at the Northam Agricultural show to perform some bmx stunt shows. Squad members David Pinelli and Shaun Jarvis were joined by reserve squad members Laurence Bakewell and Brady Thomas to roll out the rad on the day. With the weather was a bit uncertain on the day the first show had to be rescheduled an hour later due to some rain. But the crowds got what they were expecting, a great entertaining show and some awesome bmx stunts.

Bmx stunt show - Northam show 1 2013

David Pinelli and Laurence Bakewell flips in unison.

Bmx stunt show - Northam show 3 2013

 Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli mid 360 downwhip, Brady Thomas Tbog action, Laurence Bakewell had flair to spare, Brady Thomas get his nofoot cancan on.

Bmx stunt show - Northam show 2 2013

David Pinelli with his forever rad trademark dipped 360’s